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Dust 1947: Neuheiten

Der Frühling ist da – und die passenden Neuerscheinungen für Dust 1947.

DUST 1947P AL432B W1 DUST 1947AL432 W22 DUST 1947AL4342 W32 DUST 1947AL4342 W42 DUST 1947AL4342 W52 DUST 1947AL4342 W62 DUST 1947AL4342 W72 DUST 1947AL4342 W82 DUST 1947AL4342 W92

Desert Scorpions Headquarters – Premium (Babylon Pattern) 120,00 USD/Primed 55,00 USD/Kit 50,00 USD

The Desert Scorpions of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) are a formidable elite unit of the Allied Army, made from soldiers from every country of this grand Nation. Their hit and run tactics, supported by great vehicles and weapons, make them the deadliest opponents anyone can face, especially in the depths of the desert.

The Desert Scorpions Headquarters includes the following Units:
– Gregory & Izzy
– Marek
– Bull’s Eye
– Desert Scorpions Command Squad

DustP AX303B W1 DustP AX303B W2 DustP AX303B W3 DustP AX303B W4 DustP AX303B W5 DustP AX303B W6 DustP AX303B W8 DustP AX303B W9

NDAK Panzermeister – Premium (Babylon Pattern) – 35,00 USD

Oberst Leutnant Helmut “PanzerMeister” von Loetingen
Winterschlacht In Antarktika – 1946 (Antarctica Front Medal); Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub – 1945 (Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves); Ehrenblatt des Heeres – 1944 (Honor Roll Clasp of the Army); Winterschlacht In Osten – 1942 (Eastern Front Medal). One of the most famous walker ace in the Axis, Helmut von Loetingen now leads the schwer Panzer Abteilung 515 (Heavy Panzer Regiment) who was deployed in Antarctica last year and recently back in Babylon, and he is in command of all Axis armored forces there. Of Bavarian lineage and from a proud military family, he is nearly as famous as General Major Walter “PanzerPrinz” von Furstenwerth, who has also been appointed to a higher position. Von Loetingen has written several inspired tactics manuals on how to operate a KampfLäufer (walker) group that have become widely known throughout the Bloc. He has started working on the next, dedicated to the extreme weather and terrain conditions that he now faces with his forces.

Please note that three alternate heads are provided for this Hero.

DustK CT108 W22 DustK CT108 W32 DustK CT108 W42 DustK CT108 W62 DustK CT108 W72 DustK CT108 W82 DustK CT108 W92

Avatar of Cthulhu – Premium (Kondor Pattern) 150,00 USD/Primed 55,00 USD/Kit 50,00 USD

The Great Dreamer is back. A catastrophic chain of events started under the sands of Babylon has brought back one of the most terrific foe Humanity has ever faced: the mighty Cthulhu. A part of this creature’s essence has materialized in the form of an Avatar, a powerful representation of the Deity on Earth. After centuries of slumber, it can once again advance the cause of the Mythos forces on our planet, getting ready for a final battle it knows is coming. The Avatar is presented here like it has been observed in the Middle-East, circa 1947.

The Avatar of Cthulhu has been sculpted by Joaquin Palacios, one of the World’s most famous sculptor. This reference comes with its own Dust 1947 unit card, for the Mythos Bloc. Premium Edition models are not just “pre-painted”. What we offer is the exact replica of Dust Studio Master Painters‘ work. Please remember that all orders over 250$ enjoy free shipping.


Demolisher/Wrecker/Obliterator Merc Walker – Premium (nur Obliterator, Babylon Pattern) 95,00 USD/Primed 55,00 USD/ Kit 50,00 USD

Mercenary walkers are made of whatever the Sisters can get their hands on. But thanks to the top mechanics in their ranks, they make some of the most awesome war machines on the planet!
The Wrecker is a dedicated anti-aircraft walker made from SSU and Axis parts, with a Mercenary twist.
The Demolisher has identical weapons, plus a little extra, and is the personal mount of ace Mercenary pilot Luisa.
The Obliterator also combines SSU and Axis weapons, but this time to blow up tanks! Or anything on the ground that foolishly gets too close.
This reference allows you to field one of these three variants.

As with any Mercenary units, these walkers can be attached to any force in Dust 1947. Please note that all weapons options are included in this box, as well as the pilot (in resin) and the recoiless gun.

P JP116B W1 P JP116B W2 P JP116B W3 P JP116B W8 P JP116B W9 P JP115B W1 P JP115B W2 P JP115B W8 P JP115B W9 JP115 W1 JP115 W2 JP115 W8 JP115 W9

Ryu Walker – Premium (III , Babylon Pattern) 115,00 USD/ Premium (II, Babylon Pattern) 115,00 USD/Primed (II&III), 55,00 USD/ Kit (II&III) 50,00 USD

The Ryu was the first walker developed specifically for the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces, with great help from the Central Axis powers, especially Germany. Assembled on the powerful chassis of the PanzerKampfLäufer III, it has become the most common walker in the Japanese arsenal. The second version is very similar to the original Ryu with its laser guns, but also has a machine-gun for close infantry defense. The third version, Ryu III, mounts two impressive rail guns, from Japanese design. This reference allows you to field one of these two variants.

P SU726B W1 P SU726B W2 P SU726B W3 P SU726B W4 P SU726B W5 P SU726B W6 P SU726B W7 P SU726B W8 P SU726B W9 SU705 W1 NEW SU705 W2 SU705 W5

Spetsnaz KV 47A: Nadya / Aleksey – Premium (Nadya, Babylon Pattern) 95,00 USD/Primed (Nadya & Aleksey) 45,00 USD/ Kit (Nadya & Aleksey) 40,00 USD

Armed with two Gatling guns, the Aleksey (Tsh) is a staple of SSU forces around the planet. This tropicalized variant is used by the dreaded Spetsnaz, who enjoy the firepower and versatility of this walker. The Nadya (Tsh) is deadly at close range thanks to its powerful flamethrowers. This reference allows you to field one of these two variants.

This reference comes with two Dust 1947 unit cards, one for each variant, both for the Spetsnaz Faction of the SSU Bloc.

P DS043B W1 DS043 W21 DS043 W31 DS043 W41

Middle Eastern House – Premium (Babylon Pattern) – 180,00 USD/Kit 120,00 USD (sic!)

Fighting continues in the Middle-East in the aftermath of the Babylon, Kondor and Hellgate Operations. There’s a lot of soldiers who still want to conquer cities and resources in the region and won’t stop at anything to do so! This Middle-Eastern house occupies three Dust 1947 squares. Each part of the roof can be occupied by an Infantry Unit. It can be used with any WW2, modern or Sci-Fi gaming system.

Link: Dust 1947


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  • Big C. als reguläre Mini. Endlich!

    Aber was die bei den Preisen für das Gelände geritten hat, muss man wohl nicht verstehen…

      • Ich dachte erst, es ist ein „premium“ Modell (für 120), also bemalt, auch da wäre das Modell in meinen Augen zu teuer. Aber auch die Variante ein (10*20cm) kostet auf der Dust Game Homepage 90$, die 120$ scheinen also stimmig. Schade, denn Dust hatte mal modulares Terrain aus Plastik für nen echt guten Preis gehabt, aber das war noch die Zeit als Dust von FFG vermarktet wurde, seit Battlefront und dem damit einhergehenden Fiasko scheint es teurer geworden zu sein.

  • Die Häuser sind das Einzige, was ich hier interessant finde, aber nicht für diesen Preis. Und kommt es mir nur so vor, oder sind auf dem letzten Bild die abgenommenen Dächer verzogen?

  • Das sind Resin Gebäude und die waren schon immer so teuer genau wie bei anderen Herstellern. Und das preiswerte Gelände aus Plastik gibt es immer noch. Und nein die Priese sind seit den FFG nicht mehr gestiegen als bei anderen Anbietern.
    Es währe schön wenn man sich erst informiert bevor man Halbwahrheiten verbreitet.

    Ich finde ich die Modelle wieder echt top. Das Gelände ist mir allerdings zu teuer genau wie das Resin Gelände anderer Hersteller

  • Naja, also bevor man anderen Leuten vorwirft sie sollen sich erst mal bitte Informieren bevor sie Halbwahrheiten verbreiten… sollte man seinen eigenen Ratschlägen vielleicht folgen. Kurz Googlen Resin Gebäude erster Treffer
    Wüsten Gebäude SET aus Resin und Prepainted 85€!!! Nebenbei hab ich hier auch noch ne menge Battlefield in a Box Prepainted Resingelände von Galeforce 9 / Battlefront und die waren ebenfalls bei weiten nicht so teuer!
    Als ehemaliges Dust-Elite Mitglied habe ich ne Menge Krams von früher und auch noch einge Preise parat.
    Bspw. der SSU Ground Attack Helicopter mit mehreren Waffenoptionen 2015 39.95USD
    Heute als Invader mit nur einer Waffenoption 55USD
    oder als “RED ACE & THE RED STAR‘ mit Heldin und modifizierter Waffenoption 65$
    Im Günstigsten Fall eine Preissteigerung von 37,5% in ca 3-4 Jahren und dazu noch mit reduzierten Umfang…
    bin mir nicht sicher das es alle anderen Hersteller ebenfalls so betrieben haben. Mir fallen auf anhieb Dutzende ein bei dem dies nicht so war…

    Nur mal kurz eingeworfen 😉

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