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Crooked Dice: Neuerscheinungen

Crooked Dice veröffentlicht diesen Monat Security Guards, Mobster, Bloater und SF Zivilisten.

Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen2 Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen3 Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen4 Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen5 Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen6 Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen7 Crooked Dice Dezember Neuerscheinungen8

Crooked Dice – Dezember Neuerscheinungen

Just in time for your Christmas stocking, we have four new packs in the webstore!


There are two pulp packs with a set of Security Guards and Mobsters to fight over the mean streets.

We are also releasing another set of Colony 87 miniatures from the last kickstarter – the Street Folk.

And finally we have a new apocalyptic release with this nuclear family of Bloater zombies – the first sculpting project from resident crooked dice artist Stephane Enjolras!

And don’t forget to pick up your Crooked Dice 2020 Calendar, to mark all next’s years releases dates on too!

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