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Antenociti’s Workshop: Neuheiten

Antenociti’s Workshop veröffentlicht einen Van und einen neuen Checkpoint.

AW Checkpoint AW Checkpoint2 AW Checkpoint3

Army Checkpoint

‚Army Checkpoint‘ now in stock.

2 sentry bunkers and 4 automatic rising arm barriers, made of prepainted MDF, to represent the security checkpoints that inevitably follow and military base or military presence.

Perfect for creating that ’safe-zone‘ on your zombie apocalypse table by mixing it with some walling.

AW Van AW Van2 AW Van4

Ice-Cream Van

Step Van 3D Print files now „In stock“: https://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/…/survival-step-van-st…/

STL 3D Print files so that you can print your own Step Vans for all of your Apocalypse or Modern needs.

Comes in different versions to suit different printer types (Hollow, Solid, Unified and Multi-Part) and can have open rear doors, closed fo half-open front side doors and Ice-Cream cones (or not) for the rooftop.

Price £10.00 inc VAT £8.00 ex VAT

Link: Antenociti’s Workshop FB

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