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Slumbering Oblivion: Kickstarter läuft

Iä Iä und so! Die Modelle dieses Kickstarters dürften einige Erinnerungen wecken!

RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 1

Welcome to the Slumbering Oblivion Kickstarter! The intent of this Kickstarter is to raise funds to fully realize a new line of highly detailed Lovecraft inspired gaming miniatures. The introductory miniatures are a group of 5 Elite Deep Ones and once they get funded there are many other creatures that can also be made a reality as part of this Kickstarter. The miniatures planned are a mix of both creatures mentioned in the works of HP Lovecraft and also many original concepts inspired by his works.

The miniatures vary in size but are scaled for 32mm, are made of resin and come unpainted and unassembled. These miniatures are part of a developing science fiction and horror miniatures based tabletop war game called Slumbering Oblivion. As such, many will have futuristic weapons but since some backers may want to use these as proxies in other games, most also come with alternate low tech weapons. These are included with each miniature so you can equip them as you see fit. Nothing additional to buy to make them one way or the other.


The general premise of Slumbering Oblivion is that late in the 21st century mankind’s search of the oceans for wealth led to the accidental discovery of R’lyeh. This caused the denizens of that, and other underwater cities, to burst forth and wage war on humanity. The timeline of the game itself takes place about 100 years after this, where Earth is a battlefield locked in a perpetual clouded darkness. The remainder of mankind is either barricaded in cities deep inland or on crowded lunar colonies.

For the first time in history, mankind is united as one. Ironically, it was not peace that what unify mankind but war. This unification of purpose and science has led to tremendous leaps in technology to fight against the forces of Cthulhu. However, this may have come too late. For while Cthulhu still sleeps, his forces fight with advanced technology, psychic abilities and even tooth, claw and tentacle. And should he awaken, any remaining hope will be lost.

So that is the super condensed premise of Slumbering Oblivion. But, first things first, in order to realize this larger vision there needs to be enough interest in the idea and that is the reason for this Kickstarter.

Next Miniatures to Unlock

Here we will track the next miniature(s) to be unlocked. There will be additional information and/or pictures for each goal. All miniatures offered in this Kickstarter will be roughly 20% cheaper than the final retail price.

RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 2 RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 3 RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 4 RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 5 RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 6

$10,000 Goal – Elite Deep One squad – $50

Note: Each Elite Deep One comes with the option to equip it with either a bladed weapon or an energy weapon. This way you can build it to meet your needs.

Stretch Goals gibt es auch:

RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 8

$12,500 Goal – Cthulhian Warlock – $12

Notes: This is the first of the new miniatures in the collection that are not from any existing works by Lovecraft. This also happens to be the first figure I had commissioned way back in 2013! The artwork is by Stefan Kopinski.

RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 9


Es werden noch weitere Stretch Goals folgen:

RF Slumbering Oblivion Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures 7

Die Kampagne läuft noch 24 Tage.

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