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Mad Robot Miniatures: 1st Albion Rangers

Mad Robot Miniature präsentieren neue Sets ihrer „1st Albion Ranger“ Range.

Mad Robot Miniatures 1st Albion Rangers 01 Mad Robot Miniatures 1st Albion Rangers 02 Mad Robot Miniatures 1st Albion Rangers 03 Mad Robot Miniatures 1st Albion Rangers 04 Mad Robot Miniatures 1st Albion Rangers 05 Mad Robot Miniatures 1st Albion Rangers 06 Mad Robot Miniatures 1st Albion Rangers 07

OK folks here’s a round up of all you can expect from the 1st Albion Rangers pre-orders on Friday. Like all of our standard squads, these are made up of 10 figures, here’s the breakdown:

-10 heads
-10 torsos
-10 sets of arms
-10 sets of legs
-10 rifles
-1 pair of officer arms
-1 special weapon

As a special incentive, each pre-order customer will receive one free modular commissar kit with new torso and legs that match up with the Albion Rangers theme.

Note, that the freebee is one per customer, not one per squad. Whether you pre-order 1 squad or 5, you will only receive on free commissar kit. Please don’t try and work around this and please don’t ask me to make an exception.

These pre-orders are intended to raise a bit of capitol so I can keep putting out smaller releases as well. Our normal discount on 3 or more squads will not apply here. The 3D is done, I just need to send it all off to print. Pre-orders should be in the mail sometime in late July and the regular release will happen soon after.


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