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Hasslefree: Neue Greens

Von Kev White kommen wieder neue Modelle.

HF Hasslefree Dynamic Halvdan 1 HF Hasslefree Dynamic Halvdan 2 HF Hasslefree Dynamic Halvdan 3 HF Hasslefree Dynamic Halvdan 4

Dynamic Halvdan, finished.

The images are all pretty similar, but I wanted to show you how the close-up photography really makes his hands look big when they’re in the foreground. Rotating the mini even a little bit will hopefully help overcome that illusion 🙂

HF Hasslefree Chip 1 HF Hasslefree Chip 2

Kev has sculpted another variant of our very own ‘Captain Fantastic’ Chip x

HF Hasslefree Arabian Warrior WiP 1

„Arabian niiiiiights….. like Arabian daaaaayys……“ etc.

Arabian Warrior, mark two.

Und dann gibt es noch die Previews der Salute-Neuheiten:

HF Hasslefree Salute Previews HF Hasslefree Salute Previews 2 HF Hasslefree Salute Previews 3

Salute Pre-Release Metals (Assuming they’ve all moulded ok :- )

No pre-orders, you’ll have to just show up and grab them before they’re gone Find us in ‚Hasslefree Corner‘ at TM02.

(These will also therefore be the next batch of metal releases on the website after the show. In case you can’t make it to Salute but want them!)

Quelle: Hasslefree bei Facebook


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