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Grimlord Games: Weitere Everrain Previews

Grimlord Games haben auf Facebook weitere Previews zu ihrem kommenden Spiel The Everrain gezeigt.

Grimlord Everrain Ship Prev

A seaworthy vessel…all great undertakings upon the waves rely upon a well-built ship to carry them on their journey, and players in the Everrain are no different! Each player must take command of their own ship, gather a crew to man and maintain it, and head out into the world to unravel the mysteries of the Everrain…coming to Kickstarter 2018!

Grimlord Everrain Surgeon Prev

“There are perhaps no tasks as taxing on the soul as those of the ship’s surgeon. My charge is to tend to the wounds of the crew, yet in such poor conditions how can one be expected to truly aid their fellow man? I will do what I must to see that these men and women make it back to land, though few seldom appreciate it when I approach, saw in hand to save them from the rot.”

The Surgeon, another stalwart ally at the ready to join you on your adventure in the Everrain!

Quelle: Grimlord Games auf Facebook


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