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Gates of Antares: Virai Warrior Drones

Warlord Games haben eine neue Einheit für die Virai vorgestellt.

Gates Virai Defender1 Gates Virai Defender3 Gates Virai Defender2

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: The Dronescourge Returns

The primary function of Virai Warrior drones is defence of the colony. However, the Virai are pragmatic and avoid wasting resources if they can, so both warriors and constructors cooperate in work such as demolition and mining as well as in combat. Compared with other constructors, warriors are more homogenous in style and design – given the variability that may naturally occur given environment and materials available for construction.

Warrior drones weapons are relatively consistent, the architectors long ago settling on a basic design that can be reproduced from whatever materials are available. Their power source for weapons and locomotion is essentially a miniature fusion reactor and a readily adaptable design for protection long ago produced a complex structure that is more akin to the Ghar armour – multi-layered, mixed alloy and ceramic honeycomb shells rather than the advanced hyperlight or reflex armour of the IMTel nations.

All Virai warrior drones are strong, well-armed and heavily armoured and are intended to have a dual-purpose heavy lifting and defensive role. Despite their strengths, they depend on planning and co-ordination from their architector leaders, so lack initiative. They are very occasionally specialised into Assault drones – almost purely militaristic drones – with combat heuristics and stronger armour and actuators.

Like all Virai, warrior drones rely on their architectors for in-flight battlefield repairs and substantial amounts of command and control. Not being dependent on nanospore, they are immune to Scramble munitions and, of course, being artificial beings, Scoot munitions have no effect.

Link: Gates of Antares


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  • Designer: wir haben hier dieses nette System
    Ich: Bolt Action in Space, nett, gekauft
    Designer: erstmal nur leicht abgewandelte Standardtruppen und 1-2.
    Ich: klingt solide. Gekauft
    Designer: machen wir ne Einsteigerbox mit richtig Preisersparnis und gleich fertigen Grundarmen.
    Ich: gekauft, geil, ne weitere Fraktion zum Starten
    Designer: und ne absolute Beginner-Box
    Ich: sagt nichts mehr, gekauft, noch ne klasse Fraktion
    Designer: mit der Erweiterung kommen Themenarmeen dazu und richtig abgefahrene Einheiten, die den Charm jeder Fraktion verstärken…
    Ich: Der Hang geht eh zur 4 Fraktion
    Designer: und wir splitten die coolste Fraktion noch in ne Unterfraktion.
    Ich: 4,5 Fraktionen, gekauft
    Designer: und dann bringen wir jetzt noch eine komplett neue, ganz andere Fraktion, siehe oben.
    Ich: seufz. Autobuy.

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