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Gates of Antares: Sky Raider Command

Warlord Games haben neue Freeborn Sky Raider  für Gates of Antares in ihrem Shop.


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There are few sounds so dreaded as the foreboding drone of vortex engines heard when a swarm of Freeborn Skyraiders descends upon its target! Some might claim the Skyraiders are no more than brigands and pirates, falling from the sky amidst a roar of cyclone thrusters, spitting mag shells and sowing terror and destruction in equal measure.

The Skyraiders are led by gallant captains whose machines are closely interfaced with those of their squadrons. In an instant, the whole formation can turn as one as their leader spies a likely target or twists away to avoid some sudden danger. Their preferred weapons are twin mag repeaters that spit a hail of metallised shells but generate only a tiny energy signature.

Together with their machines’ small size and low-power ratio, this means Skyraiders can be cloaked with diffraction filters, enabling them to avoid even the most sophisticated machine-intelligence tracking systems in Antarean space.

Contains the following metal models:

  • 1 Skyraider Captain piloting Skyraider with twin mag repeater
  • 2 Skyraider Troopers piloting Skyraiders with twin mag repeaters
  • Optional mag light support and plasma lance weapon upgrades

Preis: 20.00 GBP

Gates Of Antares Sky Raider Command 08

Highly mobile and packing plenty of firepower, this Sky Raider force is a model example of how task forces can utilise hit and run tactics and repeatingly hit the enemy where they are weak or exposed.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 Freeborn Sky Raider Command Squad box set, which contains 1 Skyraider Captain and 2 Skyraider Troopers
  • 2 Freeborn Sky Raider Squads which each contains 3 Skyraider Troopers.

Preis: 55.00 GBP


Quelle: Warlord Games


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