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Dropzone & Dropfleet: Neuheiten

TTCombat haben mehrere Neuheiten für Dropzone Commander und Dropfleet Commander angekündigt.

Den Anfang macht ein neues, Show-only Modell für 2018, der Centurion class Kreuzer der Pre-Invasionszeit.

TTC Dropfleet Centurion Class 1 TTC Dropfleet Centurion Class 2 TTC Dropfleet Centurion Class 3 TTC Dropfleet Centurion Class 4 TTC Dropfleet Centurion Class 5

Remnant Centurion Cruiser ***PRE-ORDER*** – £15.00

The Centurion class was the most common vessel of cruiser tonnage in the pre-war EAA Terran Grand Fleet. It’s simple but effective all-gun primary armament provides an excellent blend of destructive power and reliability. Examples of the class still operating today require low weapon maintenance, a welcome factor that certainly isn’t the case with some of the more esoteric and experimental armaments in mankind’s pre-war arsenal.

The Centurion is a brand new type of ship available to both UCMF and PHR fleets, and is the TTCombat show exclusive Dropfleet Commander miniature of 2018!

This ship will only be at shows that TTCombat attends, and is available during those times right here on the webstore too. It will be going off sale again at the end of our launch promotion, on Sunday 4th February.

Experimental rules for the Centurion can be found here, along with some early new background information about these ships and the people flying them.

1 resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with plastic base and clear flight stand.

Für Dropzone Commander kommen neue berühmte Kommandanten:

TTC Dropzone Colonel Samuel S. Helburn 1 TTC Dropzone Colonel Samuel S. Helburn 2 TTC Dropzone Colonel Samuel S. Helburn 3 TTC Dropzone Colonel Samuel S. Helburn 4 TTC Dropzone Colonel Samuel S. Helburn 5

Colonel Samuel S. Helburn ***PRE-ORDER*** – £34.00

„Colonel Helburn’s first ten years in the service of the UCMA was fraught with disciplinary actions triggered by a disregard for protocol and the tendency to end arguments with fists. Although most of these brawls occurred out of uniform, his injuries proved hard to miss, lending him the nickname ‘Icepack Sam’. However, his undeniable flair for inventive and inspired tactical decisions while under pressure became legend at the academy, and once age had mellowed his fiery personality (a little), he began to progress up the ranks. An unfortunate tendency to speak his mind a few times too often meant he began the Reconquest as only a Captain, against the better judgement of his more conservative superiors. Were it not for the candid support of General Wade, he may have been thrown out of the UCMA altogether on several occasions.“

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2

TTC Dropzone Lieutenant Colonel James Rodriguez 1 TTC Dropzone Lieutenant Colonel James Rodriguez 2 TTC Dropzone Lieutenant Colonel James Rodriguez 3

Lieutenant Colonel James Rodriguez ***PRE-ORDER*** – £24.00

„Rodriguez has been using his extensive training and state of the art MF-R equipment to coordinate and inspire the Resistance groups in and around New York City. His presence and expertise have galvanised them into a formidable and cohesive force, ready to take the fight to the Scourge with purpose at last. While somewhat stolid within the confines of the rigorously enforced command structure of the UCM, his leadership skills and charisma have grown exponentially now that he has been relieved of the burden of duty. While the UCM delays its actions on Earth, rightly or wrongly, it seems that this deserter is at the forefront of the Resistance here and is poised to become an absolutely pivotal figure in future. How his former masters in the Colonies will respond to this remains to be seen…“

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2

TTC Dropzone Rakkon Krell 1 TTC Dropzone Rakkon Krell 2 TTC Dropzone Rakkon Krell 3 TTC Dropzone Rakkon Krell 4

Rakkon Krell ***PRE-ORDER*** – £19.00

„Rakkon Krell is an unusual figure among Resistance leaders as both a viciously savage feral warlord and an ally of the UCM. Krell was first encountered when he expertly ambushed and captured an entire MF-R team without taking a single casualty. It was when interrogating his captives that Krell first learned of the UCM, a powerful force bent on liberating his home planet of Shangri-La from the hated Scourge. In return, the MF-R operatives learned that the forests of skulls on spikes surrounding Krell’s lair were exclusively Scourge hosts. It seemed that he valued free human lives deeply, although he had never been above the use of torture and harsh punishment for those that failed him.“

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2

TTC Dropzone Aurelia Felix 1 TTC Dropzone Aurelia Felix 2 TTC Dropzone Aurelia Felix 3 TTC Dropzone Aurelia Felix 4

Aurelia Felix ***PRE-ORDER*** – £24.00

„The UCM intelligence community first became aware of Aurelia Felix through her actions on Eden Prime in the opening days of the Reconquest. She commanded an admittedly exemplary rearguard action against encroaching Colonial troops around New Troy, and was able to personally barter a temporary ceasefire to preserve the tattered remains of her force. The UCM commander at the time (since court marshalled) felt that this was a deserved reprieve in view of her honourable actions and reasonable deportment in negotiation. Unlike other more bombastic PHR commanders, she is reported to be quiet, calm and balanced in both defeat and victory, keeping a level head at all times.“

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2

TTC Dropzone Seti The Kinslayer 1 TTC Dropzone Seti The Kinslayer 2 TTC Dropzone Seti The Kinslayer 3 TTC Dropzone Seti The Kinslayer 4

Seti the Kinslayer ***PRE-ORDER*** – £19.00

„While all Shaltari value the trial of combat against their own race, this individual has taken the concept to new extremes. It seems he actively seeks out other Shaltari to fight and if possible, kill. This is an unusual development, as most Shaltari aim to learn and develop by fighting each other as well as advance through their complex system of martial honour codes. With Seti, it appears that slaying the inferior is the only goal, which of course includes all non-Shaltari just as much as it does his own race. Such activities are rare and it seems frowned upon by other Shaltari, with whom Seti’s name is taboo.“

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2

TTC Dropzone The Jungle Devil 1 TTC Dropzone The Jungle Devil 2 TTC Dropzone The Jungle Devil 3 TTC Dropzone The Jungle Devil 4

The Jungle Devil ***PRE-ORDER*** – £23.00

„This alien nightmare takes to the battlefield in an Oppressor-type walker of unique design. This variant has never been reported in any other theatre, leading analysts to conclude that it is an individual personality, granted some singular modifications to suit its leanings. In the case of this creature, it seems to enjoy no greater pleasure than destroying enemy aircraft in ambush attacks. The usually anti-tank oriented Oppressor has multiple modifications towards this role including esoteric AA weapons and an elaborate (and no doubt complex) active camouflage coating to the vehicle’s entire carapace. This second modification makes the Jungle Devil a truly dangerous foe as it can be rendered almost entirely invisible to all EM spectra when stationary. The notion that such a large construct can be made virtually invisible has been dismissed as a myth by troops on the ground, until they are faced with it, that is.“

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2

Alle Neuheiten sollen bald auch über den deutschen Vertrieb erhältlich sein.

Dropzone Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

Quelle: TTCombat


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  • Wird es eigentlich in absehbarer Zeit deutsche Übersetzungen der Reconquest Phase 2 und folgender Bücher geben? Mir gehts nicht um die Sprachbariere, sondern um das bessere Layout und die bessere Qualität der deutschen Versionen.

    • Hiho!

      REC2 ist fertig übersetzt, aber im Hinblick auf die Ankündigung von 2.0 macht es wenig Sinn, das Buch in der Form ohne Berücksichtigung eventueller Änderungen noch zu publizieren.
      Davon abgesehen haben sich die Rahmenbedingungen durch den Verkauf an TTCombat geändert, was erst einmal in Ruhe geklärt werden muss.


  • Schön, dass es endlich mal was neues gibt, aber leider sind das zum großen Teil nur leichte Conversions bestehender Bausätze.

    In meiner Wahrnehmung ist es in den letzten Monaten einfach zu still um Dropzone und Dropfleet geworden. Man merkt einfach, dass die Werbetrommel seit dem Verkauf einfach nicht mehr ordentlich gerührt wird. Schade…

  • Schicke Sachen dabei und ich habe auch direkt mal zugeschlagen.
    Jetzt wo man mit dem abgeschlossenen Verkauf fertig ist wird es sicherlich auch wieder mehr Werbung geben. Unternehmensverkäufe gehen eben nicht „mal eben“ über die Bühne.

  • Bin ja kein Fachmann für Luftgestützte Waffensysteme, aber ruiniert sich Rodriguez in seinem Osprey nicht die Rotoren wenn er die Racketen abfeuert? Ich weiß dass es synchronisierte MG’s für Propellermaschienen gibt, aber bei nem Rocketpod kann ich mir das beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen… Und Rotor mal kurz zum Feuern abschalten halte ich für eine… fragwürdige Idee…

    • Deshalb wird er die Raketen auch nur abschießen wenn die Rotoren bzw die Motoren entweder komplett oder teilweise hochgestellt werden…wie auch auf den Bildern zu sehen ist 🙂

      • Gibts da schon Vorabregeln? Dachte mir schon dass der eventuell nicht aus der Bewegung schießen kann, halte das aber für problematisch in einer SciFi Umgebung, in der es ja schon nicht besonders Schwer ist bewegte Ziele zu treffen.

  • Mal eine Frage: Mir ist aufgefallen, dass bei TT Combat einige Modelle wie z. B. der Gladius-blister oder Raven Dropship als „Sold Out“ dargestellt sind. Heißt das, dass die einfach im Moment nicht auf Lager sind und nachproduziert werden müssen oder wurden sie komplett aus dem Sortiment genommen. Ersteres fände ich eigentlich schade. 🙁

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