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ShadowSea: Neue Konzepte

In der Facebookgruppe The Abyssal Realms zeigen AntiMatter Games neue Konzepte für ShadowSea.

AntiMatter Games Deep Wars Concept Artwork 1 AntiMatter Games Deep Wars Concept Artwork 2 AntiMatter Games Deep Wars Concept Artwork 3

Here is some new art for the Grace Flynn – Tides of Forever supplement for ShadowSea. First is Bloody Brona, a female vampire highlander out for revenge against the British Crown. Then there is Nereus Neptune, a scoundrel and con artist who operates as a mercenary adventurer with Grace, shooting his 45’s first and asking questions later. The final character is Seaton the Mariner, Grace’s First Mate and Alchemist, armed with Greek Fire grenades. In the game, Grace and her crew are lost in an ethereal storm and transported from their normal time period of the 1880’s back two hundred years and into a lost underground world, where they must repair their ship and escape, doing battle across six scenarios with the denizens of ShadowSea. The book is almost complete and is being edited before going to print.

AntiMatter Games Deep Wars Concept Artwork 4 AntiMatter Games Deep Wars Concept Artwork 5

Two more concept for the 2-player ShadowSea set. There is the Cobalt Salamander, a magic and energy-resistant monstrosity created from ancient dragons. Not as large and wild as their Jade cousins, the Cobalt Salamanders have multiple attacks with weapons bristling all over them. Also shown is the Harlequin Lizardmen Witch Slayer, a sneaky little creature with throwing knives of an ancient alloy that disrupt the energy flow of spellcasters. These two join Taranis the Gray for the Draconid side and will be part of the upcoming Kickstarter project – slated for a late September or early October start.

Quelle: The Abyssal Realms Facebookgruppe


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