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Crooked Dice: Preview & Neuheiten

Neben der Armee des Gouverneurs gibt es bei Crooked Dice einen Blick auf die Alien „Besucher“ aus dem derzeit laufenden Kickstarter.

Crooked Dice Gov Army Crooked Dice Gov Army2 Crooked Dice Gov Army3

Governor General’s Army 1 and 2 – ab 4,00 GBP

Two new packs of minis released this month – the Governor General’s Army 1 and 2. In store now.


The self-appointed Governor-General holds sway, with heavily armed squads patrolling the dirt roads near his fortified compound. Some say he used to be the ruler of a country somewhere in Africa, others say that he is no more than a pirate himself. His “army” is one of the most organised and powerful groups in the region. In return for tribute settlements receive protection from pirates and bandits, but mostly from the forces of the Governor-General. Rumour has it that the Governor-General has a foreign-backer supplying his forces with weaponry and ammunition.

Crooked Dice V Crooked Dice V2 Crooked Dice V3 Crooked Dice V4 Crooked Dice V5 Crooked Dice V6

Alien Invaders – Previews

Some more Alien Invaders for the Kickstarter from the very talented Ernst Veingart. Give us a pledge and show your support for the 7TV Apocalypse campaign and see if we can unlock these over on Kickstarter:


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Crooked Dice: Neue Previews



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