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Victrix: Schwere griechische Kavallerie

Neue Kavallerie aus der Antike gibt es bei Victrix zu sehen.

Victrix Limited Greek Cavallery Sprue Preview 1 Victrix Limited Greek Cavallery Sprue Preview 2 Victrix Limited Greek Cavallery Sprue Preview 3

We have had a minor delay getting stock of the new Greek Heavy Cavalry.

The blame lies firmly with the xystons included in this set. From a technical perspective the xyston is a long but narrow piece and it takes a little fiddling with the tool to ensure the ends of the weapons fill correctly. This is usually done by increasing the pressure on the plastic as it is injected into the tool. Of course for every action there is a reaction and with more pressure applied this can then cause other parts nearer the centre of the sprue (this is where the molten plastic is injected) to flash. The solution is to increase the size of the gates (the channel where plastic flows into each component cavity). We have had to do this, hence the delay.

However, plastic test shots are with us (these were done before the ammendments) and I am pleased to sy we are in production and will be shipping shortly. My apologies to all our patient customers.

Steve at LBMS is working on some Greek cavalry shield transfers and also a sheet of Greek cavalry standards. We will post images of these over the weekend.


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