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Taste Of Horror: Büsten Kickstarter

Mystical World Miniatures präsentiert den Taste of Horror Kickstarter: Klassische Horror Charaktere als Büsten.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 01

Das Projekt:

Hello everyone,

Welcome backers from our first campaign on Kickstarter, „Taste Of Horror“ Busts collection. For this range, we have been inspired in classic horror characters. We are fans of the legends and the characters of terror from always. Finally one day the project to create together incredible busts from this universe was born, now, we want to shape our dream that we also hope it is yours and you can enjoy it as we do.

The objective of this project is to produce a new Horror Busts range 1/8 scale (50 mm approximately) resin for collectors and horror loverly painters. The full range consist of Plastic Resin pieces (High Quality Resin) as shown on this Kickstarter project page. Our busts collection „Taste Of Horror“ is ready for some time now but really need your help to bring these into the market. Producing busts in high quality resin is quite expensive.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 02


This Kickstarter, with your help, make it possible for us release them sooner than we would have done through the regular channels. Now we let you discover the world of „Taste Of Horror“, we hope you love it and contribute!

PLEASE NOTE: These busts are not toys and not recommended for children under 14 years of age. All figures are supplied unpainted.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 03

Why a kickstarter?

We are a small structure, but with a valuable experience and a very eager to share our hobby. Until this moment, we have been able to afford the cost of sculpture of the busts and now we need to start final production. This is why we need your help for get the resin and necessary materials. We hope to achieve the goal of this campaign and to be able to carry out more projects that we have in mind, our desire is to continue creating miniatures and figures for you.

For this occasion, we have designed an exclusive pedestal as a complement to the busts and only can be get in this terrifying campaign, in addition, for free.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 21

If we reach the goal of 600 €, we will also give free to all the backers that contribute 58€ or more, this fantastic monster skull that we are sculpting for you, to paint and display in your showcases.We know that many of you are also great fans of these characters that we like and that is why we want to provide through Kickstarter, the opportunity to obtain these pieces of collection at a lower price than in store. This is our way of saying you thank you very much for helping us achieve our dream.

Die Büsten:

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 06Mystical World Taste Of Horror 07Mystical World Taste Of Horror 08Mystical World Taste Of Horror 09

DRACULA: For some an aristocrat, for others the last thing they will see … with his kiss of death there is no maiden to resist him. The legend that everyone fears at nightfall …

ZOMBIE: A secret project in military installations that did not go as expected, what claimed to be the perfect weapon has become the destruction of man.

WEREWOLF: Mysterious disappearances, dismembered bodies …. terrible things are happening and nobody knows who is responsible. A strange being is now among us, night howls under the full moon.

THE MUMMY: Cursed and buried in the depths of the Egyptian lands, this being awakens to bring terror to humanity. Each day that passes, he regains his strength and his power is increasing, soon there will be no one to stop him …


Below you will be able to find an explanation of each pledge, so that you can make sure you purchase what you really want without any doubt.

In addition to these options, you will be able in the future to unlock other products as add-ons. (Please see Add-ons section).

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 10

Your Worst Nightmare – 22,00 EUR

This pledge includes one horror bust of available characters of your choice, and one exclusive stone pedestal.

Cast in resin.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 11

Two Night Creatures – 40,00 EUR

This pledge includes two horror busts of available characters of your choice (Includes duplicates) and two exclusive stone pedestal.

Cast in resin.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 12

Three Tales Crypt – 58,00 EUR

This pledge includes three horror busts of available characters of your choice (Includes duplicates) and three exclusive stone pedestal + Stretch goal available.

Cast in resin.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 13

Four Deadly Sins – 75,00 EUR

This pledge includes four horror busts of available characters of your choice (Includes duplicates) and four exclusive stone pedestal + Stretch goal available.

Cast in resin.

Stretch Goals:

 If the main goal of the Kickstarter campaign is reached, here is the list of “stretch-goals” which will be unlocked each time a new aim is achieved.

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 14

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 15

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 16

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 17


To add one or several „add-ons“ of your choice to your purchase, you just have to add the price of the „add-on“ to the amount of your contribution, see the following examples:

1. Pledge “Two Night Creatures” (40€) + Add – On „Monster Skull“ (10€). TOTAL = 50€

2. Pledge “Four Deadly Sins” (75€) + Add – On “Additional Horror Bust” (20€) + Add – On “Mystical Pedestal Stone“ (5€).  TOTAL = 100€


Mystical World Taste Of Horror 18

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 19

Mystical World Taste Of Horror 20


Der Kickstarter ist bereits komplett gefunded und steht derzeit bei: 1431 EUR (500 EUR) Finanzierungsziel & 19 Unterstützer. Alle aktuellen Stretch Goals sind bereits unlocked.

Der Kickstarter endet a. 4. August 2017.

Link: Taste of Horror Kickstarter
BK-Herr Kemper

Mostly Harmless. Im Hobby seit den 80ern..... Spielt: Infinity (Nomads & Aleph), Warmachine (Khador & Mercs), BattleTech (Alpha Strike), 7TV Adventures, In Her Majesty's Name, Dust, Batman TMG

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