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Runewars: Daqan Lords Erweiterungen

Fantasy Flight Games stellt gleich mehrere Erweiterungen für die Daqan Lords bei Runewars vor, und eine Bemalanleitung gibt es auch!

Hero of the Daqan

Preview the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game


Across the land of Terrinoth, few have more valor than the courageous Lord Hawthorne. Famed for driving away a horde of barbarians led by the evil Ankaur Maro from his village, Lord Hawthorne rides his mighty mount into battle, slashing down all those who would stand against the might of the Daqan Lords. With the finest soldiers of Daqan at his back, Lord Hawthorne leads the charge against those that threaten the free baronies of Terrinoth.

Today, we’re previewing the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game, which introduces the Lord Hawthorne hero to the Daqan Lords.

Raise Your Sword

The enemies of Daqan tremble at the mere sight of Lord Hawthorne—his speed, reach, and inspiring presence are unparalleled on the field of battle. The Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion includes two different figures for Lord Hawthorne to add to your Daqan army, a mounted and unmounted version, as well as six upgrade cards.


During a melee attack, Lord Hawthorne can spend two surges to receive an inspiration token, which helps fight off harmful Bane tokens. He can also extend this gift to all friendly figures within range 1-3 with his special modifier. Furthermore, after a melee attack, Lord Hawthorne may perform additional melee attacks against opponents that have yet to be targeted during his activation. Combined with his “Brutal 1” keyword, which increases his threat, Lord Hawthorne looks to cut a swathe through any foe that dare even approach him.


Even those who keep their distance are not safe from Lord Hawthorne’s steadfast attacks. With the  Sweeping Strikes  upgrade, Lord Hawthorne’s front edge is considered touching the front edge of all enemies at range 1 during a melee attack. This allows Lord Hawthorne’s myriad of melee attacks to have a larger number of targets, while keeping him safe from retaliation.


With the Sweeping Strikes Upgrade, Lord Hawthorne’s front edge is treated as touching the front edge of all enemy units at range one.

With careful planning, Lord Hawthorne can attack multiple targets a turn, and when you upgrade him with his legendary sword,  The Dawnblade,  Lord Hawthorne will get the most he can out of his melee attacks. With every surge spent during a melee attack, Lord Hawthorne deals damage to an engaged enemy equal to his threat. This does not have to be the same enemy Lord Hawthorne is attacking, allowing him to spread out his damage, or focus on one foe.


With the Dawnblade upgrade, Lord Hawthorne can spend surges to deal damage to an engaged enemy equal to his threat. In this attack roll, he tears through the Reanimate Archers Unit with a massive eight damage.

On the defensive end, the Lord Hathorne Hero Expansion comes with several upgrades to protect the valiant hero.Might of Daqan  adds an additional defense to Lord Hawthorne, making wounds tough to stick.

Meanwhile,  Shield of Margath  allows Lord Hawthorne to deal damage to opponents performing a melee attack against him equal to his defense, adding on to his already potent damage potential.


Lord Hawthorne’s command dial offers plenty of mobility and attack options.

Lord Hawthorne’s command tool also affords him some valuable options. His high-speed march actions allow him to quickly make his way across the battlefield, and these can even be modified to add two additional speed to his movement. Lord Hawthorne also has two different versions of a melee attack, a red that can be modified with a hit and a yellow that can be modified with a special modifier symbol for use with upgrades or placing inspiration tokens on nearby forces with his own ability.

The Glory of Daqan

With the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion, your Daqan forces will be led by one of the most inspiring figures in Terrinoth. With his ability to engage multiple foes with ease, Lord Hawthorne is an imposing figure on the batttlefield.

Lead your forces into battle wiith the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion (RWM06) from your local retailer when it hits stores in the third quarter of 2017.

Frontline Warriors

Preview Two Daqan Expansions for Runewars Miniatures Game


When the enemies of the Daqan Lords march on the free cities, it is left to passionate and disciplined soldiers to defend their homelands. Reinforced by the mystical Rune Golems that serve as stone sentries on the field of battle, little can stand against the forces of Daqan.

Today, we’re previewing two expansions for Runewars Miniatures Game, the Rune Golems Unit Expansion and the Spearmen Unit Expansion, both serving as ways to enhance and customize your Daqan Lords armies.

Giants of Stone

In the direst of times, the lords and wizards of the Daqan can use ancient secrets to awaken Rune Golems, the massive, silent stone guardians of the baronies. These massive monstrosities are a rare site on the battlefield, but when they do appear, few can stand in their way. Slicing through cavalry and infantry with ease, the Rune Golems faithfully serve their lords and will stop at nothing to crush all who oppose them.


The Rune Golems Unit Expansion features two Rune Golem Plastic Figures, one identical to the Rune Golem figure found in Runewars Miniatures Game Core Set and one in an exclusive new pose, as well as eight upgrade cards and a variety of tokens to enhance your Runewars Miniature Game experience.


The Rune Golems are an intimidating force in the Daqan Army—using stable energy, they can both stun opposing forces and gain threat equal to the number of stable energy tokens on the field.


While their reliance on runes may make the Rune Golems seem like a risky choice, their modifier dial allows them to count an additional stable energy when they perform a melee attack or special ability, giving them much needed consistency.

The new upgrade card Wind Rune  allows the Rune Golems to use natural energy runes to give them greater mobility, using a special modifier to perform a shift and reform action. This allows any upgraded unit to quickly change positions to get the edge in combat.

The Vanguard of Justice

It is difficult to find a group more disciplined than the Spearmen making up the front lines of the Daqan army. These rank-and-file units are made up of soldiers passionate about defending their homeland, and they will move with choreographed ferocity to defeat those that threaten the peace of the Free Cities.


The Spearmen Unit Expansion features eight spearmen plastic figures in two plastic infantry movement trays, perfect for expanding on the Spearmen found in Runewars Miniatures Game Core Set. The expansion also includes a variety of tokens to expand your Runewars Miniatures Game collection.


Like the imposing Lord Hawthorne (to be previewed at a later date), these Spearmen can spend surges to receive inspiration tokens, avoiding harmful bane conditions. With an inspiring presence, these Spearmen are sure to lead the charge against any enemy of Daqan.


The Spearmen command tool affords them a wide swathe of mobility options, their speed two and three marches can be modified by five different blue modifies, including two separate charge actions and an extra defense, ensuring they will always be in the perfect position and well protected.

The Spearmen Unit Expansion Pack also contains five upgrade cards, including Triumphant Cry  which allows them to reform after an enemy they are engaged with is destroyed, putting the Spearmen in the perfect position to attack their next foe.

Brave Warriors

With the Spearmen Unit Expansion and the Rune Golem Unit Expansion, your Daqan forces will be as numerous as they are brave.

Raise the banners of the Daqan Lords and purchase the Rune Golem Unit Expansion (RWM04) and the Spearmen Unit Expansion (RWM07) from your local retailer when it hits stores in the third quarter of 2017.

Daqan Lords Army Painting Guide

Present Your Colors with The Army Painter


Let the sound of the marching steel-shod boots of the mighty Daqan Lords ring across the land of Terrinoth! With banners waving and shields held at the ready, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the Daqan Lords Army Painting Guide for Runewars Miniatures Game! Just like with the guide for the forces of Waiqar the Undying, this painting tutorial was created in conjunction with the fantastic team at The Army Painter. And just like the forces of the Daqan, when you put your faith in The Army Painter’s reliability, efficiency, and quality, you’re sure to see the results you need on the battlefield.


Form Ranks!

The Daqan Lords Army Painting Guide (pdf, 13.3 MB) is now available for download, so muster your troops! The forces of Waiqar are marching upon your sovereign lands; will you stand idly by while they wreak destruction? No! Call the banners and face them in the field. And remember to check back to the Fantasy Flight Games website for all the latest Runewars Miniatures Games news and more tips on how to bring your best hobby skills to bear!

Download your Daqan Lords Army Painting Guide here and be sure to pick up Runewars Miniatures Game (RWM01) from your local retailer!

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Heidelberger.

Link: Fantasy Flight Games


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  • Also schön find ich den Hero nicht…nee eigentlich meine ich das Gegenteil von schön 🙂

    Mir ist das ein zu wirrer Stilmix.

    • Echt? Also mir gefallen die Daqan Lords von den drei bisher gezeigten Factions am Wenigsten, und ich hab‘ allgemein von dem Stil von Runewars nicht ganz überzeugt, hätte da dann doch lieber direkt Warcraft: The Tabletop Miniature Game stattdessen gehabt, aber Stilmix sehe ich da nirgends. In sich konsistent finde ich die Factions alle. 🙂

      • Vielleicht war ich mißverständlich: Das ist mir persönlich zu sehr He-Man oder 80er Jahre Fantasy Cover gemixt mit Mangapop.

        WoW könnte mir sogar gefallen, aber hier sind FLügelhelme, Riesenschilde, knatschbunte Farben, Vollplattenpanzer für PFerde, Riesenhörner etc.

        Ähnlich wie AoS stört mich das erstmal, nur das AoS bei mir irgendwie immer Assoziationen mit Chronopia weckt, und ich deswegen vielfach (nicht immer!) drüber hinwegsehen kann.

        Aber jedem das Seine!

  • Da sind schon ein paar nette Minis dabei, gerade die Elementare und die Speerträger finde ich ganz cool, aber der Held ist auch nicht so zu 100% meins. Einen gewissen WarCraft-Look kann er aber nicht verleugnen, und das ist zumindest ein sicherer Bonuspunkt.

  • World of Warcraft.
    Das ist mir auch zuerst zum Helden eingefallen.

    Also: Mir gefällt die neue Miniatur.

    Jetzt fehlen nur noch Orks damit mir das Spiel so richtig gut gefällt. ^^ 🙂

  • Mich persönlich stören eigentlich nur die Flügel am Helm von Lord Hawthorne… Da denke ich immer an Asterix…

    Ansonsten wirklich ne schöne Mini, die doch recht offensichtlichen Anleihen an WoW gefallen mir. Wäre richtig cool wenn die Waiqar eine Art Silvanas Windrunner bekämen… da wäre ich sofort dabei. ^^

  • Die Steingolems gefallen mir. Die würde ich eigentlich gerne kaufen.
    Mal gucken, was diese Erweiterungssets am Schluß kosten und ob es sich dann nicht eher lohnt die große Startbox zu kaufen.

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