Prodos Games: Warzone Previews und Salute

Prodos Games zeigen kurz vor der Salute neue Previews und ihre Sondermini zur Show.

PG Prodos Warzone Walker Preview PG Prodos Warzone Flieger Preview PG Prodos Warzone Panzer Preview PG Prodos Warzone Panzer Preview

We are coming to London with bargain offers and more!

Next week, Excel Hall in London will once again be home of Salute, one of most important miniature tradeshows of the industry. We are happy to announce, that Prodos Games is also attending and we are bringing a lot of goodies with us!

PG Salute Predator 1

AVP Salute Special Miniature

We decided to celabrate Salute 2017 with special, show-exclusive miniature. Available for free to every 45 GBP and more purchase.

PG Salute Predator 2

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