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Gates of Antares: Chryseis Shard und Previews

Warlord Games präsentieren das neue Buch für Gates of Antares mit Sondermini in ihrem Shop.

Gates of Antares The Chryseis Shard 01 Gates of Antares The Chryseis Shard 02 Gates of Antares The Chryseis Shard 03

The Chryseis Shard – The Ascent of the Locus – describes events taking place in Antarean space since the destruction of the planet Xilos as portrayed in the first Antares supplement The Battle for Xilos. At the conclusion of that adventure, the discovery of an unborn Builder Gate and its subsequent escape from stasis consumed the planet Xilos and unleashed a new and terrifying power into the Antarean nexus.

The following forces all take part in the narrative:

  • Ghar – The Ghar forces on the mining world of Chryseis 3 led by High Commander Karg.
  • Concord – The Concord Combined Command mission to Chryseis led by Commander Kamrana Josen.
  • Algoyrn ­ Task Force Radiance led by SD Councillor General Ess Ma Rahq.
  • Freeborn – Exploratory mission led by Prince Batu Delhren.
  • Boromite – Geren’do Mining Company led by Tas Geren’do.
  • Ghar Outcast Rebels – Ghar Fifth Columnists whose leaders guard their identities very closely indeed.
  • Isorians – The Senatex expedition to the Chryseis system led by Commander Xan Tu.
  • The Locus – A rogue machine intelligence of immense power.

As some may recall, gamers all over the world were invited to play out the Xilos campaign and contribute their own results to our Xilos campaign website. As well as recording results for the rival factions, many players were generous enough to share pictures of their games as well as descriptions of their battles and forces. The storyline in this second supplement follows on from those events. The role of the competing factions and surviving characters has been drawn from the broad campaign results.

Not only did we weave the threads of our tale from the outcome of the previous campaign, but we have also taken characters created by one of our participants and given them a role in our new story. This is Prince Batu Delhren and Commander Baray Tsulmari, characters created by Tim Bancroft that form part of his own Freeborn force. The pair are also the principle actors in Tim’s fiction series, as part of our forthcoming range of novels and short story’s set in the Antarean universe. So, thank you Tim for your generosity in allowing us to realise your creations in miniature, and thank you everyone who took part in our first online campaign.

This supplement is designed so that players can make use of the content in various ways, depending on how they wish to approach things, how much time they have to play, and how many players are participating.

Full Campaign. You can play out the entire campaign of six battles using the forces described. Each side’s total score gives it an individual success rating. The score accumulated by the Locus gives a bonus level in the final game, making the Locus easier or harder to defeat.

Modified Campaign. You can also play out the entire campaign of six battles using any forces chosen to an appropriate points value as indicated for each game. You might also reduce the number of battles by just playing the ones that appeal to you.

Narrative Scenarios. You can play any of the six individual scenarios in this book using any forces you wish in the same way as the narrative scenarios already included in the Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook. Individual scenarios can be played over and over again, with different forces every time if you want. Notes are also included suggesting further variations to try out.

Army List Entries. This book contains additions for existing army lists that either extend existing entries or add new ones. Although introduced here for the first time, these new entries form part of the relevant army lists and can be used in any Antares games. Your Free PDF army lists will be up dated soon!

Characters. Rules for several new Antarean characters that can be used in any games on the same basis as other Antarean characters.

Chryseian Armoury. An introduction to new weaponry and new equipment including a selection of vehicles as well as new squad types for Algoryn and Isorians.

New Variant Forces. This book includes new rules covering drop forces, new force selectors that allow different combinations of troop types, and rules for Ghar Fifth Columnists!

Hazardous Environments. A selection of new rules for fighting in hazardous environments.


  • 120 pages
  • Softback
  • Full colour
  • Free exclusive Nurk 27 figure when purchased through Warlord Games

Preis: 22.00 GBP

Außerdem gibt es folgende Previewbilder für kommende Neuheiten zu sehen:

WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 1 WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 2 WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 6 WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 7

WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 10 WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 11 WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 12 WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 5

WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 8 WG Warlord Games Antares Neuheiten 9

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  • Ach, wenn ich mal Geld zusammengespart habe, dann werden die Boromite meine Tau Hilftruppen für 40k. Die finde ich klasse.

  • Sehr, sehr cooles Artwork. Tolle Miniaturen. Gefällt mir insgesamt auch sehr gut. Hat jetzt nicht die Qualität von 40k aber dafür mächtig Potenzial.

  • Ich mag den Stil und die Minis werden immer besser imo.die KerlChen mit den Stäben ganz oben erinnern mich irgendwie an Star wars sandler, sehr cool. Werde mein Geld aber erstmal in 40k 8th investieren, und meine Frau erschlägt mich wenn ich noch n System anschleppe… Wäre das nicht mal ein Thema für eine heroische intervention? Meine Beziehung und tabletop? Da könnten bestimmt einige hier ein Lied von singen… 😂

  • Letzten Samstag das erste mal Antares gespielt- und ich muss sagen, es gefällt mir sehr gut. Schön, dass Warlord Games hier auch weiter die Figurenreleases raushaut. Isorianer sind bestellt.

  • Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe sind die Domari ja aus Plastik. Die sind dann auf jeden Fall gekauft. Ansonsten auch nur schönes Zeig dabei, nur mit den BtGoA Fahreugen kann ich nichts anfangen, da sind imho nur die DA Speeder von GW schlimmer.

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