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Gates of Antares: Neuheiten im März

Bei Warlord Games gibt es einen ganzen Schwung an Neuheiten für Beyond the Gates of Antares.


Beyond the Gates of Antares Rulebook & 1 FREE Plastic box set of your choice – 30,00 GBP

This deal comprises of the Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook and any plastic box set that is featured in the drop down list for FREE! Make sure you choose the right box set.

**Please note as this is such a great discount no further discounts will be honoured against this deal**

At 260-pages, this full-colour hardback tome contains everything you need to know in order to get started exploring the brand new Science Fiction universe from the creator of Warhammer 40,000…

Beyond the Gates of Antares lies a universe vast beyond comprehension, a universe of human endeavour stretching eons into a dark and turbulent past, a universe of embattled civilisations possessed of unimaginable power. Across millions of worlds rival empires are locked in a struggle for dominance, driven by intellects that are as much machine as human, the omniscient integrated machine intelligence of a society and a time very different to our own.

This is the universe of the Seventh Age of Humanity and the setting for our game. Our game is called Beyond the Gates of Antares because that is where our adventures will take us. We will travel through Antarean dimensional gateways to the galaxy spanning empires of the PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex, and further to the myriad worlds of the Determinate and beyond. We will board the glittering space borne cities of the Vardari, the great mercantile powers of Antarean space, and we will confront foes as implacable as the Ghar and as merciless as the Renegade NuHu Shards.

Beyond the Gates of Antares was originally conceived as a game and that is where our journey begins. However, our game is only the first step upon a path that promises to take us to new stars and undiscovered worlds which inhabit a living, breathing universe, and one that we intend to realise fully in the form of campaigns, background expansions and – in time – much more in order to explore the many different aspects of our setting.

Book Contents:

  • A break-down of all of the game rules, easing you into the new system
  • An extensive Terrain section, outlining dozens of different terrain types to be found in the Antarean universe
  • An Armoury section, featuring entries (and blueprints!) of the various weapon technologies used in Antares
  • More advances rules for using Mounted Units, Vehicles, Buildings and more
  • A section detailing just a handful of the different creatures which inhabit Antarean space
  • 6 Matched Scenarios, and 6 Narrative Scenarios
  • Full Army Lists for 6 factions
  • A detailed timeline of Antarean Space, including Star Map and dedicated sections for each specific faction
  • Quick Reference Sheet, Weapons Summary, and Templates Section to the rear of the book

WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_2 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_3 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_4 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_5

Freeborn Skark Squad – 20,00 GBP

Feral warriors of the Mhagirs ride skarks in their long-ranging raids against rival tribes and often clash in the scalding desert air. The Mhagris have fallen under the domination of the Oszon Mercantile League. The League, an alliance of Freeborn Varda led and dominated by the Oszoni, gladly makes use of Mhagris warriors, recruiting them into their own forces and training and equipping them to fight as mercenaries on their masters‘ behalf.

Amongst those warriors are entire formations of skark riders, their creatures variously upgraded and pacified with appropriate neural grafts, yet losing none of their native ferocity or endurance. The skark is a lithe and lightly-built winged creature, but none the less deadly for all that. It is temperamental, wilful and hard to control.

WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_6 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_7

Freeborn X-howitzer – 25,00 GBP

The X-howitzer is a very large magnetic launcher built for lobbing shells over great distances. It is a common battlefield heavy artillery support weapon used by practically all forces. It is often built onto back of heavy combat drone or skimmer and used as a long range support weapon.

X-howitzers are vast magnetic artillery pieces that shoot explosive bombs or various kinds of special munitions. They are the largest kinds of launchers and sturdily constructed to withstand the high velocities generated by their multiple magnetic rails. X-howitzers are often crew served weapons but can be vehicle mounted in the form of mobile artillery.

WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_8 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_9

Freeborn Misgenic Rejects A – 15,00 GBP

Misgenic rejects are not a human morph but the tragic and sinister consequences of inhuman experimentation by renegade NuHu. They are quite literally rejects – the failures and the discarded remnants of genetic manipulation experiments combining human and all manner of artificially engineered genes.

WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_10 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_11

Freeborn Misgenic Rejects B – 15,00 GBP

Misgenic creatures are attempts to create new races, powerful soldiers, great minds and willing slaves. Rejects are the twisted failures of their master’s art with bizarrely shaped and bestial bodies, misshapen limbs and clawed fingers more like animals than humans. They are poor and tragic things, neither human nor beast, whose sorry fate is to be expended in battle merely to distract, confuse and repel the enemy.

WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_12 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_13

Freeborn Mag Cannon – 12,00 GBP

The mag cannon is a single-shot magnetic cannon and a very common weapon in Antarean space. Its chief role is to take out tough targets such as weapon drones and heavily armoured vehicles.

The mag cannon is designed to deliver a single shot at incredible velocity and as such it is a long-barrelled weapon, often with multiple internal rails that generate a single very powerful pulse. The ammunition is designed to defeat heavily armoured targets and release a mass-sensitised disruptor field that inverts and crushes local space. A target struck and penetrated by a mag cannon suffers massive internal damage and is unlikely to survive.

WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_14 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_15 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_16 WG_Warlord_Games_Beyond_the_Gates_of_Antares_Freeborn_Skyriders_Boromite_Gebäude_und_Stuff_17

Boromite Heavy Mag Cannon – 25,00 GBP

The heavy mag cannon is a larger and more powerful version of the standard mag cannon. A target struck and penetrated by a heavy mag cannon suffers massive internal damage and is unlikely to survive.

Whilst they both serve the same role; the heavier mag cannon it far more potent with dealing with bigger targets. To separate their role, use the standard Mag Cannon for dealing with standard and light infantry, and be able to keep light vehicles pinned. The heavy Mag Cannon can easily take out heavily armoured infantry, and medium and heavy vehicles.


Boromite Vorpal Charges – 6,00 GBP

These are used by Boromites as part of their mining operations, and sometimes deployed against their luckless enemies! 3 Vorpal charges are included with the Engineers Squad or Work Gangs can purchased them individualy.


Boromite Hab Dome – 15,00 GBP

To keep such a life afloat the Boromite facilities and resources must be portable and liveable, as a result they tend to be large, sturdy and robust but surprisingly not as heavy as one would thought. Their dome-like structure is ideal for space travel and on the battlefield it creates a new perspective of line of sight, really making any army fighting for it become more creative on how they move around.

Dimensions: W220 x D220 x H110(140)mm approx height given for lowered and raised platform.


Boromite Command Vent (with full shielding) – 40,00 GBP

Much like other Sarissa products, the floors and roofs are easily detachable which allow brutal close quarter fighting to carry out. This creates a multi-level design that allows the entire structure to be used as a combat scenario, making that ever so more realistic.

Dimensions: W300 x D300 x H140(110/85)mm approx heights for both/one/no shielding fitted.


Boromite Ore Trans Scanner – 35,00 GBP

A great and rarely seen feature is the move-able transmat! The move-able transmat really gets the feel of an actual working facility, tireless moving to get the job done whilst the Boromites hold off numerous enemies. Add your own lighting to really bring the attention to where it is needed, whether there is a climatic battle ongoing within the facility or the building lays dormant during the aftermath, it really looks the part.

Dimensions: W300 x D300 x H140(85)mm approx heights walls and scanner arm at highest point.


Boromite Orbital Transmat – 10,00 GBP

Dimensions: W60 x D55 x H75mm approx height with scanner arm at highest point.


Boromite Ore Processing Scanner (4x ore canisters) – 20,00 GBP

Dimensions:Platform W270 x D270 x H110mm approx Canister W95 x D95 x H70mm approx.


Boromite Ore Canister Set (4x ore canisters) – 10,00 GBP

Dimensions: Canister W95 x D95 x H70mm approx.


Boromite Observation Light Well Set (1x strip of 3) – 7,50 GBP

Dimensions:Full Strip W300 x D65 x H35mm approx.

Link: Warlord Games


1994 mit Warhammer ins Hobby eingestiegen und seither so manches ausprobiert. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Gefährten), Epic Armageddon (Eldar), Infinity (PanOceania), Warhammer (Slaanesh gemischt), nicht unbedingt in dieser Reihenfolge.

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  • Keine Ahnung warum aber bei den Designs der Freeborn muss ich irgendwie an Flash Gordon denken…
    Den Howitzer finde ich als einziges richtig klasse…aber die Besatzung passt mir persönlich einfach nicht.
    Schade würde dem System gerne mal eine Chance bei mir geben. Aber alles proxen möchte ich auch nicht.

  • Bis auf die Skark Squad gefallen mir die Minis wieder sehr gut. Die Skark (Sky-Shark???) würde ich eher als irgendwelche Tzeentchdämonen verwenden und im Gegenzug die Squad auf Tzeentch Kreischern reiten lassen. Sähe irgendwie aerodynamischer aus.

  • Needs more Rebs.

    Ne, moment, falsches System. Plus, die Freeborn sind ja quasi die Rebs.
    Bisher fand ich BtGoA ja eher etwas fad, aber die Freeborn haben ein paar erfrischend freakige Elemente dabei. Mir gefällt lustigerweise gerade die Skark Squad besonders.

  • Ja, die Freeborn sind echt bunter und lustiger geworden.
    Das waren ja bisher eher Eldar mit Windeln.

    Die missglückten Experimente passen auch super als Besessene für Inquistor 28 mm.

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