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Gates of Antares: Neuheiten

Warlord Games haben neue Gates of Antares Neuheiten in ihrem Shop.

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The heavy mag cannon is a larger and more powerful version of the standard mag cannon. Mag weapons are favoured by the Algoryn and are used to some extent by Freeborn and other races of Antarean space.

The heavy mag cannon is designed to deliver a single shot at an incredible velocity. It is a distinctive long‐barrelled weapon and the most powerful weapon of its kind. Ammunition is designed to defeat heavily armoured targets and release a mass‐ sensitised disruptor field that inverts and crushes local space. A target struck and penetrated by a heavy mag cannon suffers massive internal damage and is unlikely to survive.

Preis: 25.00 GBP

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The Isorian Andhak SC2 series of drones is a stalwart of Isorian forces. Like its Concord counterparts, it is a sentient IMTel integrated machine capable of carrying a variety of different weapons.

The compression cannon is a relatively exotic light support weapon mostly used in specialist roles by Concord forces, where it is likely to be drone or vehicle mounted.

Preis: 10.00 GBP

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The Andhak is protected by phaseshift shielding as well as conventional nano‐cored shell and kinetic shields. Capable of self-repair and phase shifting, it is mainly equipped with a plasma cannon, but can use either a compression cannon or a fractal cannon.

Fractal weapons are primarily used for attacking static defences. They are relatively specialist weapons found in the arsenals of most Antarean forces but reserved for urban warfare where they are supremely useful.

Preis: 10.00 GBP


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