Anvil Industry: Private Military Contractor

Bei Anvil Industry wird fleißig an neuen Zubehörteilen gearbeitet, dieses Mal zum Thema Privater Militärdienstleister (umgangssprachlich Söldner genannt).

Anvil Industry_Private Military Contractor parts Preview 1

If you’re waiting for the Regiments range to include modern day Private Military Contractor parts, the wait is nearly over

Anvil Industry_Private Military Contractor parts Preview 2

The first wave of our Private Military Contractor release will include 6 new head sets, 42 unique heads in total!

Like this post and leave a comment for a chance to win every head in this render, with worldwide free shipping!

EDIT : In view of the crazy attention this post is getting, It’s fair to hand out more prizes!
Rather than a single winner, we will now pick 1 winner for every hundred comments on the post!

The winner will be selected on the 19th May, and the prize shipped in June once they are available.

Anvil Industry_Private Military Contractor parts Preview 3

Yesterdays PMC preview was really popular, so here is another one with the first of the civilian clothing torsos.

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