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Warzone: Mule und Indigo

Prodos Games haben vor dem Jahreswechsel noch zwei Neuheiten für Warzone: Resurrection, den Mule Armoured Carrier und das Charaktermodell Indigo der Brotherhood.

prodos-games_mule-armoured-carrier-1 prodos-games_mule-armoured-carrier-2 prodos-games_mule-armoured-carrier-3

Mule Armoured Carrier – 35,99 Euro

This is preorder – product will be shipped since 19th of December 2016.

Within the armies of the various Megacorporations, there is one go-to vehicle that all of them swear by to get their troops into the thick of combat. The CLT-422, or Mule as it has been nicknamed, was designed by a conglomeration of engineers that was assembled from across the Megacorps to create a vehicle able to withstand several hits by anti-armour weaponry. It is a very simple machine to build and is able to be easily modified.

Mishiman mechanics overcharge their engines with high-octane fuel, Capitol tread-heads reinforce the tracks to allow it to rumble through terrain, and even the Brotherhood’s Mystics have been seen writing scriptures on it to ward against enemy spells. Unfortunately, even the Algeroth’s Tekrons have corrupted the design, turning into a rolling sacrificial altar.

Box contains:

1x Mule Armoured Carrier
1x Capitol customization set
1x Brotherhood customization set
1x Dark Legion customization set

prodos-games_brotherhood-indigo-1 prodos-games_brotherhood-indigo-2

Indigo – 11,99 Euro

This is PREORDER. Item availble from 19th of December 2016.

Box contains:

1x UniCast miniature
1x plastic base
Born to an affluent Capitol family, Ava Jasco wanted for nothing growing up. She was a spoiled child and ceaselessly tormented her servants and staff. At the
age of thirteen, her sight began to fail and she began to exhibit signs of being ‘different’. Her parents, fearful and faithful followers of the Cardinal, took her to see their local missionary, who immediately recognized her condition not as being corrupted by the Dark Symmetry, but as slowly being infused by the Light. Against her tantrums and protests, she was left in the care of the Brotherhood. Over the next few months, her vision continued to diminish, but what replaced it was truly remarkable. She could no longer make out details or read, but if she focused, she was able to see objects clearly as far away as three miles. Losing her sight, but gaining an extraordinary power did not curb her haughtiness, in fact, it seemed to make her temper even worse.

She had been drilling with some acolytes who were to go on to become Visionaries when a cell of Heretics of Semai ambushed them, killing most of the staff and many of her classmates. Using a training rifle, she shot down each of the cultists, but was heavily wounded during the fight. Until this point she never
been in an actual combat situation before, but standing amidst the bloody bodies of her friends and teachers woke something up in her. She applied herself to learning more about her gift and how to utilize it best, and that was to become one of the best snipers in the solar system. Her skill with a sniper rifle reached the ears of Arch-Inquisitor Nikodemus, who personally selected Ava for a team of covert operatives that works closely with the Cartel. She was given the codename ‘Indigo’ and her call-sign is now feared even with a mere mention of it.

Quelle: Prodos Games


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  • Ich finde es inkonsequent sich zwischendurch am Fuhrpark des WWII zu orientieren. WWI-SciFi ist einmalig. Da braucht es sowas nicht. Lieber mehr Pferde

    • Naja, gibt viel im Steam Punk Genre, dass man WWI-SciFi nennen könnte.

      Spartan’s Dystopian Wars/Legions/Universe hat ne mänge WWI designs.
      Crimson Skyes, Sky Captian selbst Captain Balu und die Liga der außergewöhnlichen Gentlemen spielen mit solchen motiven. Vielleicht ist das Steam Punk und/oder Pulp Genre was für dich.

  • Aahh das Girl von Seite 4 aus dem Dark Eden Regelwerk,
    Wenn man sich die Artworks in den RPG anschaut passt der/das Mule schon.

  • Jup, das Ding ist fast 1 zu 1 von den Artworks übernommen und schon auf meiner Bestellliste. 🙂 Aber ich hab auch so einen kleinen Warzone-Tick.

  • Die Krabbelbeine für das Fahrzeug sind mal was erfrischend anderes. Glaube die werden von so einigen 40k Spielern mit genügend Kaufkraft für ihre Rhinos verwendet werden wenns halbwegs passt.

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