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Pulp City: Cold War Kickstarter Updates Nr.53

Pulp City Cold War Kickstarter Update Nr.53 ist erschienen, in dem es diesmal um Bulletta geht.



Dina Lazarev was born in the harsh wilderness of Siberia. She was soon orphaned and separated from her twin brother. Raised by a foster family, she grew up strong, and self-reliant though knowing always that a part of her soul was missing. On her 18th birthday a power awoke in her granting her incredible speed and an unbreakable connection to her lost twin. Using her new found powers Bulletta rejoined her brother and together they will do whatever they must to stay together. Though they try and do right, their path seems destined to take them to dark places.

Bulletta is a very physical Speeder with good offensive and defensive abilities. Her Trump Defense and Agility protect her from most physical harm. Her basic attack Bullet Punch is a Close Combat Action using her Trump Defense with a base Damage of 2; coupled with a Self/Shift Extra Effect (EFX) it allows her to hit hard and fade away again. Her Human Bullet Action is an Overrun of 6 inches which inflicts Damage 1 as FX, and increases Bulletta’s Defense in the process. To round things off, Alacrity is a Reaction to being Targeted that allows Bulletta to Shift 4 with EFX that Damage her attacker or grant her Power Up dice.

On her own Bulletta is a competent model, when combined with Baroque she is simply amazing. Wonder Twins grants Bulletta and Baroque a chain Activation once per round. This can go a long way in upsetting an opponent’s strategy or increasing your Damage output. Their Sibling Bonds Power allows Bulletta and Baroque to use each other’s Actions and Power Up dice. They also gain +1 to all Action Rolls when both are in play. The tactical possibilities here are endless and very powerful. You can speed Bulletta up and use her brother’s magic or use Bulletta’s Alacrity Action for Baroque to help him escape bad situations.

Being a member of both Supreme Alliance and Red Republik Bulletta naturally fits in very well with either team. She brings speed, mobility, and decent punch by herself; with Baroque the two are easily the centerpiece of your team. She also plays well with Indy Heroes and Villains, especially against Nature Teams given her Mystery Origin.




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