Kromlech: Junk City Bases

Kromlech präsentieren ihre neuen Junk City Bases auf Facebook.

kromlech_junk_city_bases_01 kromlech_junk_city_bases_02

Hi, we have a new release today 🙂
Two new bases for the Junk City line.

  • Junk City Bases – oval 120 mm
  • Junk City Bases – oval 120 mm [flyer]

All full of old parts, cogs, rusty plates, dust and sand.
For all of you who would like to base your models in theme of fallout, scrap-heap, techno barbarians and so on.

As always If you like our new release and you would like to receive one for free, it is possible. Just “like” this post [and our fanpage of course 🙂 ]. Tomorrow I will randomly select one person among those who likes this post. The winner will receive one Junk City oval 120mm base, normal or flyer version. Please note that it is much easier for me to inform you about winning if there is a comment from you below.


Preis je Base: 9,99 EUR


Quelle: Kromlech auf Facebook

Link: Kromlech

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