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Gates of Antares: Isorian Skirmish Force

Eine weitere Fraktion für Gates of Antares bekommt erste Modelle.


During the long period of isolation that followed the collapse of the Sixth Age many human settlements failed altogether. Advanced civilisations declined to barbarism. Only in a very few places was the light of knowledge carried onwards. One such place was Isori, with its long history of technical expertise and the unique resources of the Isorian system behind it.

Applying their vast technical skills the Isorians began to improve space drives and discovered ways to increase the endurance of spacecraft and their crews. The flexible nature of space-fabric had long been understood, and the Isorians used this knowledge to build ships capable of reaching near-light speeds previously thought impossible.

The Isorians sent out explorer probes to the surrounding solar systems – and in doing so, they stirred an enemy – triggering the outbreak of the centuries long struggle between the Isori Senatex and the strange alien race of Tsan Kiri – a silicon-based life form, in appearance almost spider-like, though possessed of uncompromising ferocity and great intelligence – at least as technically advanced as the PanHuman Concord and in many ways more so.

Interstellar War raged for nearly two centuries – fighting across the depths of space, contesting asteroids and the very stars themselves. The advantage swung many times – however the Isorians seemed to take the upper-hand and pushed the Tsan Kiri back toward their homeworld…

The Tsan Kiri had devised a silicon-carbon interface spore as a means of attacking the Isorian IMTel at source. At first this was successful and the machine intelligence of the Tsatean Shard was corrupted giving the Tsan Kiri access to all the knowledge of the IMTel. What the Tsan Kiri hadn’t appreciated was that IMTel, deprived of its layers of defence by the interface spore, rather than rejecting the influence of the Tsan Kiri technology very quickly merged with it. Unaware of what had happened, Isorian spacecraft carried the modified IMTel from Tsate to Isori. Soon the new hybrid IMTel had spread into Antarean space itself and to the worlds of the PanHuman Concord. This half-human halfalien IMTel brought many new wonders to the worlds it reached. It brought many other strange things beside…

The Skirmish Force contains;

  1. 1 x Senatex Command Squad
  2. 2 x Senatex Phase Squads
  3. 1 x Senatex Support Team with X-Launcher
  4. 1 x Nhamak SC Light Support Drone armed with Plasma Light Support

Die Modelle bestehen aus Metall und die Box kostet regulär 70,00 Pfund.

Quelle: Warlord Games


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