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Flames of War: Pazifik-Neuheiten

Für Flames of War gibt es jetzt auch US Marines. Semper Fidelis!

UBX46 LVT(4) Amtrac Section
Flames_of_War_Pazifik_Neuheiten_01 Flames_of_War_Pazifik_Neuheiten_02
Amphibious Tractors (Amtracs) were originally designed to carry supplies ashore.
Their ability to cross coral reefs and sand meant that they were quickly modified with armour and machine-guns to allow the Marines to land infantry under fire.
Preis: 30.00 $
US772 Marine Rifle Platoon
Flames_of_War_Pazifik_Neuheiten_04 Flames_of_War_Pazifik_Neuheiten_03
Marine Rifle Platoon (US772)
includes Command Rifle team, Command BAR team, 9 Rifle teams with optional BARs, nine medium four-hour bases & two small two-hole bases.

The Marine rifle platoon bore the brunt of some of the hardest fighting and toughest living conditions of the entire war. The Marine esprit de corps was built on exhausting, but comprehensive, training which prepared the rifleman well for the rigours of fighting in the jungles and islands of the Pacific.

Preis: 18.00 $
US776 Marine Engineer Assault Section
Flames_of_War_Pazifik_Neuheiten_06 Flames_of_War_Pazifik_Neuheiten_05
Marine Engineer Assault Section (US776)
includes Command Pioneer Rifle team, three Pioneer Rifle teams, three Flame-thrower teams, two Bazooka teams, one small three-hole base, three medium four-hour bases & five small two-hole bases.

When the Marine rifle companies began launching attacks into Japanese-held territory they found the defenders unwilling to give up without a fight to the death. Complicated systems of interconnected bunkers and caves faced the Marines, and to help them overcome these obstacles specialised weapons could be added to each platoon as required.

Preis: 14.00$

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