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Flames of War: Jahresausblick 2016

Battlefront geben einen Jahresausblick auf das kommende Jahr 2016.

Battlefront_Happy New Year Logo

Mid War
With a lot of projects competing for time over the past few months, it has taken the game designers longer than we anticipated to bring the Mid War briefings to Digital, updated to full compatibility with Version 3 and including updates from Lessons From the Front. But they will be available in mid-January.

Battlefront_Flames of War North African Logo Battlefront_Flames of War Eastern Front

The Pacific
At long last, Flames Of War enters a new theatre of operations, with the release in March of the first two Pacific briefings, Gung-Ho and Banzai.

Battlefront_Flames of War Pacific Preview 1 Battlefront_Flames of War Pacific Preview 2

US Marine Corps in the Pacific

Battlefront_Flames of War Gung-Ho US Marine Corps in the Pacific

The US Marine Corps has had a long and proud history as part of the US armed forces, and the Pacific Campaign of 1941 to 1945 is perhaps its finest hour.

During the course of the war the Marine Corps had expanded from two brigades of about 18,000 Marines to six divisions, five air wings, and various supporting arms to over 485,000 Marines.

They were the tip of the American spear during the Pacific campaign conducting amphibious assaults from Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, through the atolls of Marshall Islands, to Islands of the Marianas with the invasions of Saipan, Tinian, and Guam. They prepared the way for the assault on Japanese by taking the Japanese possessions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, facing fierce fanatical resistance from Japanese defenders in some of the most savage fighting of the entire war.

Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pacific

Battlefront_Flames of War Banzai Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pacific

The Japanese Imperial armed forces had been at war since 1931 in China and Manchuria. Their war in the Pacific is just the next step in asserting their leadership over the Asia-Pacific region. In a series and well-planned and executed campaigns in late-1941 and 1942 veteran Japanese forces quickly asserted their dominance in southeast Asia and the western Pacific, toppling the western colonial powers and taking control of these resource rich regions for the greater good of the Japanese Empire.

However, the Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor has woken the Americans. The Japanese must fight with determination to hold their gains, to push the westerners back, and consolidate Japanese control.

Each inch of ground is not given lightly, with each beach, hill, village, island, and airfield defended and counter-attacked with a ferocity and spirit of will that no enemy can stand against.

Late War
For the Late-War period, we will see three new books.

Two are the Bulge compilations, combining Blood, Guts & Glory, Nuts and The Devil’s Charge, including plenty of all-new content.

Battlefront_Flames of War Blood, Guts & Glory Battlefront_Flames of War Nuts Battlefront_Flames of War The Devil’s Charge

The third will be a brand new book release, accompanied by new plastic models.

Battlefront_Flames of War Team Yankee Logo

As John-Paul has already officially announced, two new nations will be joining World War III next year, each with a model range comparable to those announced for the Americans and Soviets, starting with a plastic tank, APC and helicopter. Officially, we have yet to announce what these two nations will be, but here are a few not-so-subtle clues.

Battlefront_Flames of War Team Yankee Bo 105 Battlefront_Flames of War Team Yankee Afghansty Unit Card

The two existing Team Yankee nations will not be neglected, either. There will be the first of the Team Yankee Digital-Exclusive briefings, starting with the tough Afgantsy paratroopers. Hardened by the brutal war being fought in Afghanistan, these seasoned soldiers spearhead the Soviet advance. Their heli-borne assaults seize crucial bridges and defiles ahead of the leading elements, defying all attempts to crush them until the tanks roll through their positions and onwards to the Rhine.

Because Unit Cards are such an important element of Team Yankee, these Digital-Exclusive Lists will be a bit special. The exact logistics are still being decided, but the basic plan is that when you purchase the digital briefing, we will send you a physical copy of each associated card as part of the purchase.

Digital for Android

Battlefront_Flames of War Digital Logo Battlefront_Flames of War Digital Logo Android

And speaking of Flames Of War Digital, the Android version of the app is in the pipeline for a 2016 release. We don’t have a date yet – because it is an external project we don’t have full control over how long it will take.

But we hope it will be available by the end of March.

Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Logo

TANKS, the World War II Tank Skirmish Game, will hit shelves, giving existing gamers and learners alike a new easy-to-learn, quick-play game, where you take command of a tank platoon, seeking to destroy your opponent’s tanks and secure victory. TANKS is a flexible game with lots of ways to create a finely-tuned army that fits your play style.

What’s in the Starter Box?
20-page Rulebook • 3 Plastic Tanks (1 Panther, 2 Sherman) • 12 Dice • 16 Movement/Destroyed Tokens
32 Damage Tokens • 4 Objective Tokens • 4 Measuring Arrows • 40 Tank Identification Tokens • 2 Cardboard Forests
4 Cardboard Houses • 18 Tank Cards • 16 Crew Cards • 7 Hero Crew Cards • 16 Upgrade Cards • 32 Damage Cards

Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Rulebook Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Starterset Preview

What’s in a Tank Expansion?
1 Tank Card • 1 Hero Crew Card • 2 Crew Cards • 2 Upgrade Cards • 1 Coloured Plastic Tank

Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Panther Expansion Preview 1 Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Panther Expansion Preview 2 Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Panther Expansion Preview 3


Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Sherman (75mm) Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Sherman (76mm) Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Pershing Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Super Pershing

Sherman (75mm); Sherman (76mm); Pershing; Super Pershing


Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS StuG G Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Panzer IV Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Panther Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Jagdpanther

StuG G; Panzer IV; Panther; Jagdpanther


Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS T-34 Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS T-34:85 Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS SU-85 Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS SU-100

T-34; T-34/85; SU-85; SU-100


Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Sherman V Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Sherman Firefly Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Cromwell Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS Comet

Sherman V; Sherman Firefly; Cromwell; Comet

Battleftront Miniatures_Flames of War TANKS OP Campaign Map

Organised Play events will support fun, historical gameplay with Campaign Maps, unique cardboard terrain pieces, and much more!

Battleftront Miniatures_Battlefield in a Box 2016 Preview

On the scenery front, shown above are just some of the new items coming for Battlefield in a Box. Also a number of old favourites will be returning.

Flames of War ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

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  • Ok, da sind einige interessante Sachen bei, aber nicht alles interessiert mich. Aber gehen wir das mal durch:

    Pazifikkrieg USA vs Japan. Interessiert mich jetzt nicht wirklich, da es einfach nicht mein Thema ist. Die Bücher werde ich definitiv überspringen. Die könnten aber in anderen Regionen, vor allem den USA) sehr gut ankommen würde ich mal sagen.

    Late War Ardennen-Offensive-Compilation. War ja klar, dass Battlefront da den üblichen Weg geht und die Bücher irgendwann in einem Sammelband zusammenfasst. Mal sehen, ob ich es mir zulege, aber gefühlt sind die Variationen in den Armeelisten doch eher gering – und mittlerweile hat man auf gefühlt mehr als genug Late War Listen für Deutsche und Westalliierte.

    Gespannt bin ich mal auf das neue Late War Buch, was auch mit neuen Minis kommen soll. Gefühlt bleibt da ja kaum mehr was übrigt, wenn man mal bedenkt, dass die letzten Late War Bücher schon immer nur noch einige Monate Kriegsgeschehen abgedeckt haben. Dabei wurden Ost und Westfront gefühlt mittlerweile komplett behandelt. Sofern es in Europa bleibt, könnte ich mir da nur noch die Italienfront vorstellen. Das ist so ziemlich der letzte Frontabschnitt, der im Late War nocht nicht mit aktuellen Büchern abgedeckt ist.

    Wesentlich interessanter finde ich Team Yankee und die Hinweise. Der Heli ist tatsächlich einer der Bundeswehr, also kommt diese für den finktiven 3. Weltkrieg. Freut mich – vor allem bin ich da auf die Plastik Leos gespannt. Die andere neue Nation sind übrigens die Briten. Das Hinweis-Bild von Maggie Thatcher auf nem Britenpanzer hat der Brückenkopf hier jetzt nicht gezeigt.

    Bei Tanks bin ich mir immer noch unsicher, was ich davon halten soll. 15 mm Panzer und Gelände habe ich sicherlich mehr als genug dafür, da muss mich nur das Regelwerk überzeugen, ob ich wirklich ein Panzer-Skirmish eine echten FoW Schlacht vorziehen würde.

  • Alles cool imho. Auf den Pazifik haben ja viele lange gewartet. Aber auch nicht so meins. Mehr Androidunterstützung find ich gut, aber Forces interessiert mich eh mehr also pressiert es da für mich auch nicht.

    Die Compilations fand ich immer gut, zumal die immer noch etwas überarbeitet wurden. Da ich aber nie viele verschiedene Listen gespielt habe kauf ich mir vielleicht erstmals das jeweilige Pdf.

    Tanks könnte lustig werden, mal schauen, wie sich das im Endeffekt spielen wird.

    Mit der Bundeswehr werd ich wohl bei Team Yankee einsteigen, wie vermutlich viele anderd auch. ^^

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