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Warzone: Pieter Diamond

Prodos Games zeigen auf Facebook ein Preview eines neuen Helden für die Cybertronic-Fraktion von Warzone: Resurrection.

Prodosgames_Warzone Resuraction Cybertronic Pieter Diamond

‚The unbelievably handsome Pieter Werhowen was once a highly esteemed Jaeger Korps officer, but his station and masculine beauty had a price, he was regarded with an insatiable envy by friends and enemies alike. Little did he know that one day this jealousy would bring him his final Bauhausian breath. On the ice plains of northern Venus, Werhowen led a shock assault on a Cybertronic Research Facility. The three sins of covetousness: jealousy, cowardice and envy, converged under the watchful gaze of Semai; Werhowen’s
friend and protégé, Paulo Kilermann, blasted the unsuspecting officer in the back. As Werhowen breathed his last, a solitary tear ran down his cheek and he mouthed ‘You will pay!’ to the turncoat. The death of their leader routed the Korps instantly, each and every one to be cut in twain by Cybertronic lasers. Only one man, the damned man, survived.
Pieter ‘The Shield’ Werhowen was Diamondised and enhanced shortly after by his foes, bringing the fallen Bauhaus hero back from the dead. He is now regarded as ‘the’ poster boy of the fifth megacorp. His media-darling status is continually furthered by his acts of heroism on the battlefield; where he fights with an utter finesse, wielding his CSA404 Heat Sword and Mirrorshard Shield in a perfect unison. He is a media-savvy man that knows what he is doing, using stealth and his camouflaged suit to appear out of the
shadows as a visage of Cybertronic excellence exactly where the media cameras are pointing. Once he has their attention he turns on the chrome, dazzling and delighting his fans to a heady euphoria. Little do they know that behind his perfect public façade, one thing and one thing alone drives him; a passion from his past too powerful to forget, his unrelenting and unending thirst for revenge, ‘Paulo Kilermann will pay!’

Link: Prodos Games


Nils, Redakteur bei Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop: DSA Armalion. Aktuelle Projekte, Eldar für Warhammer 40.000, Imperial MoW für Warzone, ein bisschen Shadespire und zu viele unbemalte Modelle.

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  • Ich hätte mich zwar mehr über den Voltigeur gefreut den man als Render auf der Spiel sehen konnte, aber Pieter ist ja quasi ein Must have wenn man Mirrormen aufstellt (und wer macht das nicht), von daher will ich mich gar nicht beschweren 😀

    • Eigendlich nicht, aber ich geh trotzdem mal drauf ein:

      E-mail an die Backer vom 02.01.:

      „Our final stage for approval is pending with a master document of all the materials that will come in the main boxed set combined. The printed book did not meet the requirements, so we are currently reworking the fiction and background in order to meet the requirements that have been stated.

      With that in mind, we are starting to order in the large packing boxes, rolls of packing tape and part-time staff to get your orders packed up and shipped out. It is very soon indeed and, though we cannot express an exact date, we hope that you realise just how soon this should be.“

      Once again, many thanks for your patience.
      Prodos Games LTD“

      Facebook post von Jarek Ever am 05.01.:

      „Looking for proofreaders for the final rules for the AvP : The Hunt Begins, Board Game, yes, this only means that the rules going to print SOON!!!! : Requirements: Good English and „gaming Imagination“ IMPORTANT : you must be able to sign NDA and you will have to follow it, strictly. It will be closed FB group of max 10 peoples. In return we will: 1. Publish your name in the board game rulebook as a official Proofreader. 2. We will also provide some gifts once the game is out. If you are interested please drop a comment in this post, thanks!!“

      Es bewegt sich also alles vorwärts und sie bereiten sich langsam aufs Ende vor.

  • Als Thumb wirkt der wie ein Fantasy-Modell. Und auch in groß scheint er ideal für einen großartigen Umbau mit Genre-Swap.

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