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Warpath: Alpha-Regeln und FAQ

Mantic Games haben die neueste Version der Warpath-Regeln veröffentlicht.


These rules have had lots of little tweaks since the earlier release back in May, and a couple of larger ones too! Have a read, and let us know what you think. However, before you do so, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • Layout: This document is a work-in-progress version of the rulebook, including notes and directions for graphical layout in green, page references in yellow, and additional text to be added in blue. Once all of the rules are finalised we will get this laid out properly and start to fill the gaps with art and background, but for now it’s in a bare-bones state.
  • Discussion Point: Unit Hubs: These rules were written before the Firefight edition was conceived, and therefore contain a few compromises with regard to how units move around the table – hubs and unit coherency and how they interact with line of sight, model placement etc. We know that there are clunky elements to these rules, and are still working on them.
    • As a mass-battle game, the rules may be slicker if it used some sort of unit stands, like Kings of War or other smaller scale games out there like Dropzone Commander. However, some people were not keen on the idea, and so to cater for as many people as possible the rules were written to allow for individual model placement.
    • Now that we have Firefight, we do have the option to make Warpath use these unit stands – those who aren’t keen on the aesthetic have another option instead. Using stands as a core part of the rules means that the rules on hubs and unit positioning can be massively simplified, with knock-on streamlining effects to other areas of the rules.
    • What are your thoughts?
  • Points Values: Please be aware that these points values have had minimal testing. They are educated estimates, and as such, some of them may be quite wrong. Once we finalise the core rules and go to open beta, these will refined to properly balance the game.
  • Army Selection Rules: These have not yet been written, and will come once the rules are solidified. For now just use what you’ve got that feels balanced. We are also aware that the unit upgrades are a little inconsistent – these will be clarified later.
  • Alpha/Beta?: This release is still an alpha, and will remain so for the next couple of months until we are more solid on the points listed above, and have incorporated all of the feedback. Towards the end of the year we will have a long open beta period to firm up all the special rules and balance the points values.

Right, it’s time for the rules. You can download them here…

DOWNLOAD: Warpath Alpha Rules

We have set up a forum thread to collect all of the feedback – please head over there and post your comments.

Außerdem wurden häufig gestellte Fragen der Community beantwortet:


(auf dem Bild kann man die neuen Stage 3 Plague-Truppen erkennen)


Q1) how long will this KS last, 30days?

A1) It will be shorter, Monday 21st September until Sunday 11th October.

Q2) will some of the model funded in this KS get rules in DZ??

A1) Definitely, I wouldn’t expect any of the big vehicles to make it across, but certainly any new units or heroes.

Q3) are all the factions from DZ planned for WP?

A3) Where we go wholly depends on where the community can take us, we can only do as much as the funding we get. We will be starting with the Enforcers, Forge Fathers and Veer-myn, as they have the most miniatures available to form up armies with, and we’ll aim to cap them off with vehicles, and a new unit or two. From there, it’s up to the community – we’re seeing a lot of support for Plague, Corporation and Asterians, and if we get far enough we’ll be able to tackle them.

Q4) are there plans for more battlezones in this KS?

A4) There isn’t, no. Would this be something you’d like to see?


Q1) What TIME will the Kickstarter launch?

A1) 1:30pm British Summer Time.


Q1) Will Plague be a main faction?

A1) Yes – they are one of the greatest threats to the GCPS as we know it, but don’t put it past us to beat them. The Enforcers, Forge Fathers and in particularly the Asterians are very experienced in fighting them.

Tony Hopkins

Q1) Will there be rules for the big gun turret from the Battlezones Defence Line sprues?

A1) We can certainly add some, if people want to see them added.

Q2) Will there be rules for scaling buildings and taking the high ground?

A2) We think this is too complicated for people would play, however in the advanced rules there are additional mechanics for how to interact with buildings.  Firefight will almost certainly have it. For taking the high ground, that’s covered by the Height element in the line of sight rules.

Nic Evans

Q1) Will both these rulesets be included in the rulebook?

A1) Both rulesets will be included in the pledge levels, as two separate books.

Q2) are you going to honor the vouchers for the warpath rulebook that you gave out with warpath army boxes a few years ago? (i’ve been saving mine just in case.)

A2) Yep, customers who have a voucher will be able to go in store when it’s available and get it. There’s no way to make them apply to the Kickstarter sorry.

Drew Williams

Q1) Will warpath have a separate rulebook to firefight? or will the game (and hopefully some of the stats & rules)be folded into the one rulebook.

A1) There will be two separate rulebooks.

Q2) there has been previous rumours concerning a marine vs z’zor starter set, any news on this?

A2) This was an idea we had for a future edition of Deadzone.

Q3) Essentially with warzone we would be getting miniatures that can function in 3 different games (deadzone (if rules are included which I can only beg repeatedly for), warpath and firefight. What about rules that could be played over various miniature ranges? How does warpath scale up to ‘BIG’ battles? Would mantic consider producing a 10mm range?

A3) Warpath scales up quite neatly due to the system of building squads out of teams, we’ve played games with as few as 30 miniatures aside, and as many as 150 miniatures a side, and it stays rapid, it’s very enjoyable. It’ll go bigger than that quite comfortably. Regarding a 10mm range – that’s very interesting! We’ll have to see. Regarding a miniatures line, well, if there’s every enough demand for something, we generally do it!


Q1) Could we please have a 6 x 4 mat like the Deadzone 2 x 2 ones?

A1) Interesting! I’ll have to set the studio boffins off to investigate that one. If you’re wanting a decent playing surface though, I recommend the Tablescape Secret Weapon plastic boards!


Q1) Will we see at least some sort of presence from the “expanded” races like the cyrstallans, Sphyr, etc? Understandably they may not be separate armies, but will they have unit options?

A1) In the rules, it is likely that there will be unit options to represent some of the more obscure races in the Warpath universe. There are no plans for new miniatures for these races during this Kickstarter however.


Referring to the Warpath Rules and the Warpath: Firefight Rules –

Q1) So this still uses same scale as firefight?

A1) Yes, both games use the same range of 28mm miniatures.


Q1) Are we going to have an open beta?

A1) Yep!

Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

Quelle: Mantic Games


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