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Mantic: Dread Ball Challenge Cup

Mantic Games stellen in ihrem The twelve days of a Mantic Christmas Blog ihre Dread Ball Challenge Cup Turnier Box vor.


DreadBall_Challenge_Cup_1 DreadBall_Challenge_Cup_2 DreadBall_Challenge_Cup_3

The Challenge Cup is a tournament for use with either DreadBall or DreadBall Xtreme, played across several worlds in the GCPS. Each has its own affect on the DreadBall game, from rogue robotic drones to teleporting across a multi-pitch game. The worlds are bizarre. For example, Omnicron is a synthetic, cube shaped world, watched over by the Ada Lorana for some, mysterious purpose. Andromeda is a planet in total darkness, utterly inimical to life, yet still home to powerful life forms who hunt in the night.  All of these set the stage for more dangerous – and more exciting – games of DreadBall!

A host of new MVPs are also introduced to the game – so many that we couldn’t fit them all into one box! There are eight in total – four of which are included in the Challenge Cup set, and the other five(two of which are twins) come in the newHazard System Heroes pack. These awesome players can be hired in each stage of the challenge cup – each one belonging to a specific region. One of my personal favourites is Kreed, who bears a certain resemblance to ‘Lucky’ Logan, perhaps the two are somehow related?

In addition all of this, there is alternate set of rules for league play, special abilities to go to the winners of each stage of the cup, a map of the regions involved and all of the cards and counters needed for play. So what are you waiting for? Dive into thegalaxy’s greatest sports game today!

Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

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  • Echt schade, dass Dreadball nicht unter FFGs Fittichen ist. Die hätten hier sicher eine gute Turnierszene aufgebaut, was das Spiel allemal verdient hätte. :-/

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