von BK-Marcel | 11.11.2015 | eingestellt unter: Pulp, Science-Fiction

Hasslefree: Greens und Molly

Bei Kev White gibt es neue Greens zu sehen auf seiner persönlichen Seite. Unter anderem auch eine Ase mit großen Hammer!


Modern civilian „Jay“ WIP…..
I’m intending to give him jeans, shirt and body warmer. He’ll probably stay unarmed, but I may let him have a skateboard.
The name is also a WIP.


Zombie Survivor „Martin“ WIP…..
I’m not happy with the minigun on this guy as I don’t think it’ll go with the kilt and DMs he’s going to be wearing. Happily enough though, I do have a spare chainsaw lying around he can have instead


Female body blank WIP…..
I have another modern female in mind to add to the squad of mercs/assassins like Ekaterina and Ryan.
She will be armed with two tonfa (or batons), with those hands changable with others holding pistols.
That’s the theory, anyway. She may end up as something completely different

Power Armour

Powered Armour specialist „A“.
„B“ will have pouches and stuff and be firing an RPG type thingy.
„C“ will have even more kit and the normal SHARD assault rifle or some as-yet-undertermined weaponry.
All three weapons will fit on all three bodies.


Meet „Molly“.
She is another product of me watching Marvel movies a lot. Avengers: Age of Ultron was playing in the background yesterday and I happened to look up at the part where the heroes get to Barton’s farmhouse and the kids come running out.
Lila looks up at Thor and he looks uncomfortable and I knew that he knew, right there and then, that she was worthy to pick up Mjolnir.
That’s why he scarpered: He didn’t want to share his toys.
So the seed was planted, an armature was made, and two hours later, last night the WIP was posted.


2003 mit Herr der Ringe ins Hobby eingestiegen. Aktuelle Projekte: Árktos Spectres Primaris Marines, Arcworlde und Gelände

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