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Flames of War: Neue Panzerverbände

Von Battlefront rollen neue Panzerverbände für Flames of War aus Kunstoff auf die Schlachtfelder des Zweiten Weltkrieges.

Rämsch’s Charge – 100,00 USD

Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Rämsch's Charge 1 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Rämsch's Charge 2

Includes a Company HQ with two Pazer IV H tanks, a Panzer Platoon with three Panzer IV H tanks, a second Panzer Platoon with three StuG G assault guns, and a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon with four SdKfz 251 half-tracks and 48 figures.

Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Rämsch's Charge 3 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Rämsch's Charge 4 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Rämsch's Charge 5 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Rämsch's Charge 6

In the morning hours of 17 December the advance guard of 2.Panzerdivision reached the town of Clerf in the Ardennes, where they were stopped by American Sherman tanks. Major Horst Rämsch brought forward his Panzer IV tanks and StuG G assault guns to clear the way. The battle lasted into the evening, when the last Shermans were destroyed or forced to retreat. The Panzergrenadiers then were then able to take the town.

Panzer IV H
The Panzer IV H was basically a late model Ausf G with six-speed Zahnradfabrik ZF SSG76 transmission. The armour of the Panzer IV H was 80mm from the start of production; which was equal with the additional bolt-on armour that featured on later version of the Ausf G.

The StuG G
The StuG G assault gun was by far the most widely produced and used in the StuG series. Between 1942 and 1945 over 7,700 were produced. The StuG G used the hull of the Panzer III M with a low-profile superstructure. This made the assault gun incredibly difficult to spot as it lay in ambush amongst dense terrain.

Panzergrenadier Platoon
The Panzergrenadier regiments are the assault infantry of the German armoured divisions and the Armoured (or Gepanzert) Panzergrenadiers are the hard spearhead of any infantry assault.

They are noted for their speed, mobility, and great firepower. Because they’re part of a Panzer Division they cooperate closely with the tanks of the Panzer Regiment.
Armed with two MG42 machine-guns for each squad the Panzergrenadier Platoon can unleash a substantial volume of firepower. Mounted in their armoured Sd Kfz 251/1 half-tracks they travel into battle. They can fight on foot or assault from their vehicles.

They do not fight according to linear and frontal principles, like the Grenadiers, but try and force their way through the lines into the rear of the enemy positions.

Vasily’s Hammer – 100,00 USD

Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Vasily’s Hammer 1 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Vasily’s Hammer 2

Includes a Brigade HQ T-34 tank, three Hero Tankovy Companies each with T-34 tanks, and a Hero Medium Asault Gun Company with three SU-100 assault guns..

Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Vasily’s Hammer 3 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Vasily’s Hammer 4

Lieutenant Vasily Bryukhov was leading his battalion of T-34/85 tanks through a cornfield in Romania in August 1944. The field was crisscrossed with tank tracks. As they were driving along, Vasily caught a glimpse of a German Panther on a parallel track. He ordered a halt, and followed the path of the Panther until it met another track left by a tank. When the Panther appeared in the gap Vasily’s gunner put a shell through the Panther, which burst into flames.

The T-34/85 obr 1944
After encountering the Tiger and Panther tanks at Kursk, it was decided that the T-34 needed to be upgraded. This was done by creating a new turret that allowed an extra crew member to be added and replaced the 76mm gun with an 85mm gun, creating one of the most successful tanks of the war. With a three-man turret, the commander was free to command the tank, leaving the operation of the gun to his gunner and loader.

The SU-100
The SU-100 self-propelled gun was the successor to the SU-85. It was based on a similar, but not identical, chassis mounting a 100mm D-10S gun. This excellent gun could penetrate 162mm of armour at 500 meters and 150mm at 1000 meters range.

Grimball’s Beasts – 100,00 USD

Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Grimball’s Beasts 1 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Grimball’s Beasts 2

Includes a Company HQ with two M4A3 (late) Sherman tanks, a Heavy Tank Platoon with three M26 Pershing tanks, a Tank Platoon with three M4A3 (late) Sherman tanks, and an Armored Rifle Platoon with five M3 half-tracks and 48 figures.

Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Grimball’s Beasts 3 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Grimball’s Beasts 4 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Grimball’s Beasts 5 Battlefront Miniatures_Flames of War Grimball’s Beasts 6

First Lieutenant John Grimball commanded the M26 Pershings that seized the bridge at Remagen. He oversaw the repairs to the bridge while his men kept the Germans at bay, then led his force forward into the heart of Germany, crushing all resistance before him.

Sherman M4A3 (Late)
The M4A3 was developed as a replacement model for the M4 and M4A1. There are two major features that you can use to identify an M4A3 Sherman tank. While the M4A3 improved the breed, some things still needed to be addressed. One of the critical flaws was the fact that the tank’s ammo tended to catch on fire with practically every hit. To fix this, designers added ‘wet’ stowage ammo racks. They also added another hatch on the top of the turret to help the crew get out faster.

M26 Pershing
The winter battles of late 1944 and early 1945 finally demonstrated to the US Army’s high command that
the M4 Sherman, though providing excellent service in previous years, was wholly inadequate to confront German heavy armour and anti-tank guns.

Armored Rifle Platoon
Each Armored Rifle Platoon is an army unto itself. It supports its infantry with heavy weapons such as the excellent 60mm mortar and the M1919 light machine-gun. These will guarantee that your troops will not only make it to their objective, but also hold it against enemy counterattacks.

Flames of War ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

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  • Im Grunde gute Boxen, wobei ich jetzt gerade noch am Zweifeln bin, ob man überhaupt so viel spart im Vergleich zu den Einzelboxen.

    Außerdem sind Panzerlisten bei FoW immer soeine Sache. Gegen ausgewogene Armeen haben die es meist eher schwierig. Außerdem fehlt bei den Sovjets einfach noch Infanterie. Persönlich würden mich überhaupt nur noch die Amerikaner interessieren, da ich bei den Deutschen und den Russen schon mehr als genug von den hier angebotenen Modellen habe.

    • Stimmt, sonderlich günstig empfinde ich die Boxen jetzt auch nicht. Naja, wenn ich die irgendwo mal günstig sehe…
      Thema Soviets: Ich glaube Plastik Soldier hatte da recht günstige Infanterie-Boxen. 😉

    • Da stimm ich dir zu. Die Briten hätten auch etwas verdient, z.B. etwas mit Cromwells, Comets oder so.
      Zwar hab ich weniger Interesse an Commonwealth, aber eine weitere Box wäre auch kein Staatsakt gewesen :/

      Ansonsten aber find ich die Boxen schon recht interessant, vorallem die Deutschen 😛

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