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Dreadball: Kovossian Mutants Team

Mantic Games haben das Team der Plague-Mutanten vorgestellt.


We’re sorry it has been so long since the last update, and for not keeping Mission Control more regularly up to date – we hope that you are enjoying playing DreadBall Xtreme and painting your Season 4 teams.

This update is primarily to do with the miniatures, which are all now in our warehouse except the Plague and the Mechanites. These were the last tool to be completed are about to leave the manufacturer. With them on the water, it means that we’ve completed the figures side of things!

As we’re sure you’re aware, the Plague and Mechanics are the only teams that don’t come preassembled – instead there are a whole bunch of bits with which you can choose to customize your figures.

Here is our sample studio Plague team:

New! Kovossian Mutants Team

These are the horrific plague-hybrids of the Kossovian Mutants. The basic players are relatively simple to build, with each torso/legs parts being identifiable as being a Jack, Guard or Striker. There are strange biological Dreadball glove set into arms, as well as a few Judwan arms for the strikers.

After building the basic set ups for your players, you will be able to add extra details and mutations onto your players. This kit is jam-packed with extra components such as tails, vestigial wings, and heads from several different alien races. You can combine parts together to build a Zz’or-esque Guard, or randomly combine components for a Namless/Yndij/Human/Grogan player!

What do you think of these? Which teams of the next wave are you looking forward to?

We’ll be bringing plenty more shots and images out for all of the new miniatures as we gear up for our third shipment in late May. We will have had all of the digital content out well before then, and we will get DreadBall Xtreme Mission Control up to date in the next week as well.

Thanks for your support, and your patience.

Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

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