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Warzone: Noch mehr Unit Spotlights

Bei Prodos gibt es wieder Infos zu Warzone Einheiten.

Warzone Mishima Demon Hunters 1 Warzone Mishima Demon Hunters 2

In the Lore:

The order of the Demon Hunters is an organisation like no other within the Mishima Corporation. It was founded after the Neronian Schism and has stood firmly against the Darkness since then.

Prized above all is the Demon Hunter armour. The suit was devised with significant Cybertronic assistance. Two extra mechanical arms are built into the armour and function as if a natural extension of the wearer’s natural body.

On the tabletop:

Demon Hunters are 4 armed killing machines, they are well Armoured with a 16 standard armour and an 11 Impenetrable Armour. Demon Hunters are good at range with their Dragonfire HMG’s and excellent in close combat with their Demontooth Katana’s.

They may choose at the beginning of any shooting action to make their HMG’s fire plasma ammo which makes it nesting against their preferred Dark Legion opponents. They may swap their HMG for a flamethrower that is good at clearing hoards of Undead Legionnaires.

Once they get into Close Combat their Impenetrable Armour goes up to 12 and their Katana’s grant them an additional -1 from all enemy Armour tests.

Their Passive Demon Hunter special skill gives them +4 Will Power against Dark Legion psychic powers.

Their Meditation of Kyudo special skill gives them Heal 2 for each Demon Hunter in the squad so a full squad of 4 Demon Hunters gets an impressive Heal 8 to save them from taking wounds!

Warzone Bauhaus Hero Valerie Duval

In the Lore:

A highborn only child of a cruel and dismissive father, Valerie is a woman gifted with immaculate beauty, with flowing locks of silken brunette hair and eyes which have an essence of warmth that belies her ice-cold exterior.

As a fully-fledged member of the Etoiles Mortant, Valerie Duval engaged her enemies in an almost dance-like lethality. She became a master assassin, using her two EN-13 Nightsticks and silenced Punisher Handgun to silently dispatch the enemies of mankind. Ultimately she was noticed by the Bauhaus Ministry of Fear, who seconded her to the vaunted Intelligence Service. In this guise Duval would lead missions of great significance to the megacorporation, often with objectives of asset or corporate assassination. Since joining the Ministry of Fear, Duval makes no time for personal relationships. She is exclusively focused on her military career. Rare few are close to Valerie Duval. Those closest know not to question her intentions, nor to delve into the sorrow- filled past that still haunts her worst nightmares. Whether one knows her personally or not, Valerie Duval is regarded as the Solar System’s most efficient and merciless assassin.

On the tabletop:

Valerie Duval is a beast in close combat, her abilities are very specialized for it. She is armed with a silenced Punisher Hangun that forces rerolls of successful Armour tests if she shoots a model in the rear facing. She also has tear gas grenades that lower the Ranged Skill of affected models by -4.

Her main weapons are a pair of EN-13 Nightsticks, these are truly deadly weapons. The Passive: Assassinate special skill gives her a +3 to strength when attacking a model in their rear facing, Passive: Cardinal’s Blood makes it so no Heal checks may be made against her attacks. The Passive: Continuous Attack special skill allows her to make an extra attack for each successful attack made, however each extra attack suffers a -1 Close Combat skill test penalty.

Her Passive: Hurricane of Destruction special skill gives her a 360 degree LOS when fighting in Close Combat.

She is also has Psychic powers she can use as well including the Cleansing Flame of the 7th which is a nasty psychic flamethrower attack!

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