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Warzone: Neue Unit Spotlights

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Warzone Cybertronic Immortal 1 Warzone Cybertronic Immortal 2

In the Lore:

An enigmatic individual, it is said that the Immortal is the power and brains behind the Cybertronic Megacorporation; if this is true is unclear, but what is certian is that he is a master of combat and is armed with cutting edge weaponry.

After stabilising his memory and sanity with new, improved microchip technology, the Immortal fights as a leader in many Warzones and is a respected Board Member of the megacorporation. Many years later he is only one of a few founding members of the corporation still in place. He played a key part in the orchestration of the famous ‘Ghost Collapse’, the crash of the stock exchange in 1103 Y.C. which saw the fifth megacorporation revealed publically for the first time. Now he is in charge of coordinating almost all of Cybertronic’s military engagements and oversees the two wings of the corporation’s research, namely cybernetic enhancement and biological cloning.

On the Tabletop:

The Immortal is the pinnacle of Cybertronic heroes, armed with the RB12-19 Plasma gun. This weapon has a RoF of 1, but don’t let that fool you it can transfer hits to up to 5 total targets in a unit.

His Passive: Immortal Repair Protocol: grants him Heal (2) but if he turns to burn one resource card it becomes Heal (5)

His Passive: Enhanced Unblinking Eye: Allows him to reroll any failed Ranged Skill test unless it was a Fumble (20)

The Passive: Electric Feedback Generator: Makes him dangerous to attack in Close Combat causing auto hits on models that cause a Wound Effect to him.

The Immortal’s Active: Mirage Generator Mk0 allows all models within 3 inches to gain a +3 to their Armour value.

Finally his Active: The Blink allows him to move anywhere within 12 inches ignoring terrain if you Turn to Burn one Resource card.

Warzone Dark Legion Praetorian Stalkers (Close Combat) 1 Warzone Dark Legion Praetorian Stalkers (Close Combat) 2

In the Lore:

Created via the vile necrotechnology of Algeroth’s Tekrons, the Praetorian Stalkers generally hunt in their small birth-packs of 2 to 6 abominations.

It is not unusual for Praetorian Stalkers to bear cruelly sharpened melee weapons, intent on the malevolent slaughter of all who oppose them. Even though the central part of the Stalker is a biological brain, they are completely devoid of feelings and basic instincts. They are possessed of a terrifyingly cold anima that few have witnessed and survived. They are completely single-minded and unquestioning in their loyalty, yet the nature of their creation means they are far more than unthinking bio-machines or animated dead-things, as are many other warriors within the ranks of the Dark Legion’s Kohorts. Rather, Praetorian Stalkers are intelligent and cunning, making them a true rival to the special forces of any of the megacorporations.

On the Tabletop:

The Close Combat Stalkers are vicious melee troops, they are armed with the enormous Reaper of Semai. It gives the Stalkers +4 to their strength bringing it up to 14 in melee, plus it has AVV 6 which makes it good at wrecking vehicles.

The Reaper of Semi also has the following Passive skills: Reaper which makes any roll of 1-3 Critical Force and Damage 2. The Power of the Symmetry skill gives them Impenetrable armour of 10.

Their Passive: Bonded at Birth gives them +1 Ranged and Close Combat Skill for every two models alive in the squad.

The Passive: Stalkers skill allows Praetorian Stalkers to deploy via Infiltration or Rapid Deployment and if they Rapid Deploy they ignore the effects of rolling a 20.

Finally Praetorian Stalkers have the Passive: Flesh in the Shell skill with lets them ignore the effects of Critical Force completely.

Warzone Imperial Golden Lions

In the Lore:

Imperial is well accustomed to inter-corporate war. Their attitude towards the Bauhaus and Cybertronic Corporations are a constant frustration for the Cartel, who are left to clear up the mess left behind, both on the warzones and the in the Corporate Boardrooms. The Imperial Corporation’s domination strategy against the other megacorporations seems to centre on fielding mass infantry and entire divisions of vehicles to quickly overpower the enemy. Even though this battle tactic from the smallest, yet fiercest, corporation has become expected, it is near impossible to counter. In cases where the opposition are prepared for such military tactics or they have resisted the Imperial hammer blow, the Imperial Golden Lions are mobilised. The Golden Lions were formed alongside the infamous Blood Berets by Clan Murdoch during the Venusian Crusade. Unlike their Blood Beret kinsmen though, the Golden Lions receive little glory and their notoriety, in converse to their Blood Beret brothers, has significantly negative connotations. Any praise they have received is logarithmically overshadowed by controversy. The Golden Lions were formed with the intention of fighting other corporate soldiers. Their training and wargear is specifically designed to counter human opposition, armour and biologics; as such they are seen as the black sheep of the Imperial Corporation, which is rightly ashamed of them. Ashamed to the extent the Golden Lions have on many occasions been very close to being disbanded. Recent policies, however, have shown not only a need for the Golden Lions, but a blatant want too.

On the Tabletop:

The Golden Lions are efficient melee monsters, their Lions Claws murder enemy troops with ease. Their Passive Adrenalin Rush special skill allows them to regain lost wounds once per turn on a close combat test result of a 1 or a 2.

Their Passive Hunters Intuition makes them a great area denial unit against Rapid deploying units. If units Rapid deploy within 8 inches of them they take Strength 13 Plasma auto hits.

Pounce of the Lion give the Golden Lions a 6 inch movement rate when engaging allowing them to cover ground more quickly to get into melee.

The Active the Lions Roar skill makes all Imperial models Fearless and enemy models suffer a -1 to their Leadership.

They may choose not to deploy normally by using their Active Animal tactics special skill. This allows them to deploy directly into any area terrain within 12 inches of a friendly model at the cost of on action point.

Their Active The Blood Rage skill allows them to double their rate of attack if they Turn to Burn one resource card, however at the end of their activation they suffer an auto wound with no saves allowed.

Quelle: Prodos Games


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