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Warzone: Mehr Unit Spotlights

Prodos zeigen weitere Einheiten für Warzone. Diesmal geht es zu Capitol.

Warzone Lt Col Sanders The Blue Sharkc Warzone Lt Col Sanders The Blue Shark 2

In the Lore:
Sanders rides his heavily converted Purple Shark, known as the Blue Shark. Occasionally, when the situation requires it or if the Blue Shark is damaged you will see the Lt. Col. jump into battle in his Martian Banshee armour.

To be a Capitolian is to be driven, to aim for and often achieve lofty goals; even in the direst of situations. Michael ‘The Blue Shark’ Sanders is the personification of the Capitol way, a man of legend, myth, and hearsay. Some of it is even true. Many a whispered rumour claims an illustrious and diverse career in the Armed Forces. It is true that he has served in many of the Capitol regiments, but certainly not all. Hearsay implies he is one of the best Sea Lions ever known, one of the most daredevil of the Airborne Calvary, and that he has an intuitive interaction with all the K9 hounds he has trained. Sanders has not served in any of these regiments. The truth is that Lt. Col. Sanders was initially enlisted in the lowly Freedom Brigades, joining with his brother CJ; a pair from the ‘bottom of the pile’, a duo of grunts, a twosome of cannon fodder. How badly were they underestimated?

On the Tabletop:
Lt Col. Sanders is the only Warlord in Warzone Resurrection that is a light vehicle making him a very unique character to use. Being a light vehicle makes him extremely durable to damage, what’s even better is that if the vehicle is destroyed by any means other than killing the rider, Sanders jumps off in his Banshee armor and jetpack!

In his Blue Shark form while on the bike he is extremely fast moving and has excellent shooting capabilities. His experimental quad M-606 LMG’s fire explosive rounds using the small explosion template and count as a Blast weapon which most Troops are very vulnerable too. The player may Turn to Burn 2 resource cards to use its anti-vehicle ammo which should make a dent in most vehicles.

In Close Combat his Passive: Power of the Arm special skill makes all his attack Critical Force 2 which is pretty Beefy!

Taking Lt Col. Sanders gives his force an extra Light Vehicle slot which must be filled with Purple Sharks and you may take one unit of Martian Banshees as a Troops selection for the army instead of support.

Finally the Blue Shark may make a Napalm drop, which effects all units that he passes over this turn if he Turns to Burn 3 resource cards.

Warzone Capitol Heavy Infantry 1 Warzone Capitol Heavy Infantry 2

In the Lore:

The Capitol Heavy Infantry are the hardened core of the Capitol Armed Forces; each and every one a tough veteran of the harshest warzones that the corporation finds its self in. They wear the HFMPS-94 Tortoise MK2 exo-amroured suits into combat; it contains an auto-injected med kit within the suit, keeping the wearer at the peak of physical efficiency in combat. The Heavy Infantry excel at all forms of combat from close quarters to long ranged support.

On the Tabletop:

They are well armoured with a value 15(10) combine this with their Impervium 2 armour skill gives them a very good heal of 4 which makes them a really tough unit to kill.

They are armed with the very effective M66: Autocannon with a rate of fire of 2 and long range, plus a good anti-vehicle value.

They are excellent melee troops especially when armed with the Chainripper bayonets

For a slight cost the squad leader can swap his M66 for a Lt Flamethrower and a Chain ripper sword, which is a very cool option.

The Fallaway Powerslam skill is a fantastic tool allowing the Heavy Infantry the ability to stun their enemies prior to fighting in melee. Which if successful ca allow them to strike without the chance of the enemy striking back

They are a great all comers unit in the Capitol tool box, but they are pricey in the points department.

Quelle: Prodos Games


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  • Ein sehr gelungenes Jetbike. Gefällt mir besser als so mach andere Variante von namenhaften Herstellern. Würde ich mir wohl auch wie den VTOL Bomber eventuell nur so zum Bemalen und Hinstellen kaufen.

  • Sanders the Banshee kannte ich bisher noch nicht, gefällt mir aber richtig gut.
    Da ich für meine Capitol-Truppen ein Luftlande/Air-Cavalary Thema wählen möchte, werd ich an dem wohl nicht vorbeikommen.
    Finde es ja sehr schade, dass man auch bei größeren Organisationsplänen immer nur einen Warlord aufstellen darf ….

  • Ich brauche das nicht, ich brauche das nicht, ich brauche das nicht…

    Verdammt, die machen es einem aber schon verdammt schwer zu wiederstehen!

  • Anfangs fand ich das System ja gar nicht so interessant. Die Präsentation vom Kickstarter und der Prodos Seite ist ziemlich mies gewesen.

    Die Modelle auf der Spiel in der Hand zu halten hat alles geändert. Die Jungs von Prodos sind gut drauf und haben ein klasse System und wirklich schöne Modelle geschaffen.

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