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Titan Forge: Iron Catapult und Sons of Kashan Vra

Titan Forge zeigt in ihrem Kickstarter neue Bilder zu den kommenden Miniaturen.


TitanForge_Catapult1 TitanForge_Catapult2 TitanForge_Sons1 TitanForge_Sons2

Straight from our forges, second warmachine of the Metal Beards, the deadly Iron Catapult! It’s in the final stages of design, but if you compare it to the Dread Cannon, you can see some pieces are still missing. But the Iron Catapult should be ready to fire in no time, so don’t despair!

A little delayed, the fearsome Dread Reapers finally arrived! Their weapon of choice is a massive, two – handed scythe. Those corrupted blades, known as „Reapers“ (hence the name), are almost unstoppable. They can effotlessly cleave in half fully armoured opponent in a blink of an eye. But even the best blade can do nothing without it’s master. And Dread Reapers are real virtuosos of their craft. Skilled both on the offensive as on the defensive, they are a terrifying opponents to face.

Link: Metal Beards Kickstarter

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  • ich bin sehr froh da sein Anfang an mit zu machen. Ich dachte erst an eine Steampunk Zwergenarmee für WHFB aber nun glaube ich müssen es unbedingt Steampunk Chaoszwerge werden. Die haben es mir richtig angetan.

    10 Daumen hoch für Titan-Forge

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