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Pulp City: Tekkna

Pulp City bekommt eine neue Heldenbox und wir ein erstes Bild.

Pulp City Tekkna

Today we’ll look at the new Hero Starter Box. One of the oldest examples of a Science Supreme in Pulp City. Part of the ancient Cult of Mekkana a cult offshoot of Hephaestus worshipers. The cults most famous member Daedalus, was the first man to use a machine to fly.

Why the current priestess of this ancient cult is in Pulp City is anyone’s guess. She won’t say, but she has implied on a number of occasions that Hellsmith’s involvement in the affairs of Pulp City could have dire consequences.

Whatever the reasons Tekkna’s affinity with machines and her ability to shield her allies from damage has made her a welcome ally. As a support Supreme her primary role is to aid her allies. But her ability to deal damage, especially to enemy Mechanical models should not be overlooked.

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