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Pulp City: Supreme Edition Nuke

Pulp City Miniatures zeigen die neue Version des Bösewichts Nuke.

Das Artwork sieht so aus:

Supreme Edition Nuke Artwork

Und das ist die fertige Miniatur:

Supreme Edition Nuke 1 Supreme Edition Nuke 2 Supreme Edition Nuke 3 Supreme Edition Nuke 4

So why Supreme Edition? The answer is faster more exciting game play. Long time fans will remember that our original Supreme Cards were often a giant wall of text that required a significant amount of time to read and understand. With Supreme Edition we have simplified everything so that you can tell at a glance what each Supreme does and what their role on the battlefield is.

In addition to making game play faster Supreme Edition is giving us a chance to revisit some of our old Supremes and update them as well. To illustrate this lets look at one of original Supremes the always toxic Nuke. Here he is then and now.

In Supreme Edition Nuke is a Blaster. That means exactly what it sounds like he excels at ranged combat. Nuke is also the Science Origin of our new Villain Starter Set. Each Starter will have one Science, one Nature, and one Mystery Supreme. Each of the three Supremes in the starters are Level 2 Supremes giving you a great starter force with a lot of room to expand.

Nuke unlike most Blasters tends to work better up close. His radiation powers are short ranged but particularly devastating against living targets. Of course Nuke’s signature Apocalypse Action is still around a powerful pulse of radiation that damages everything in it’s path. Nuke is also able to melt most incoming projectiles and what does get through his radiation field often bounces off his thick armor.

All in all Nuke is a powerful and dangerous Supreme. Here is a preview of his Recruitment Card. You can see the Blaster Role at the top of the card and the yellow border and Science symbol indicates his origin. The 40mm base size also provides bonuses to attack and defense against models on smaller bases. In Pulp City Size Matters!

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