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Firestorm Invasion: Aquan Prime

Spartan Games zeigen nach den Relthoza eine weitere Fraktion für Firestorm Invasion.

Aquan Prime – Heavy Skimmer (Side) Aquan Prime – Heavy Skimmer (Top) Aquan Prime – Heavy Skimmer

Aquan Prime – Light Mech Aquan Prime – Light Skimmer

Like their space-faring vessels, Aquan skimming craft are sleek and give a strong impression of speed and manoeuvrability. However, on a ground scale, the large components of their vehicles that the Aquan’s ‘grow’ with their genetic technologies are much rougher round the edges, leaving them reminiscent of gnarled crustacean shells.

This mix of aesthetics makes them appear fast, hardy and aggressive. Whilst land might not be their natural habitat, with the huge laser weapons mounted into their hulls the Aquans are clearly not a force to be taken lightly!

Above you can see three concept vehicles for the Aquan Prime: a swift skimmer, armoured in a thick shell and sporting multiple laser emitters, a powerful heavy skimmer that magnifies the armour and weaponry of its smaller cousin without sacrificing its speed, and finally a light mech. Whilst most Aquan vehicles attempt to recreate the three dimensional movement natural to most of their species, these mech armatures piloted by Khitai assault troops, provide heavy support to Aquan infantry forces.

Quelle: Spartan Games


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