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Flames of War: Know your Enemy

Battlefront haben für Flames of War einen neuen Buchband veröffentlicht, der eine kompakte Regelzusammenfassung abdeckt.

Flames of War - Know your Enemy Flames of War - Know your Enemy Britains Flames of War - Know your Enemy Germany Flames of War - Know your Enemy Minor Nations Flames of War - Know your Enemy Soviet Flames of War - Know your Enemy USA

A while ago Pete and JP were looking at some of the feedback in the forum about army lists and their special rules. The common theme was that special rules added flavour to the lists, but sometimes it was hard to keep track of them if you did not want to buy every single book that came out. Funnily enough we sometimes have the same problem keeping everything straight in our heads when we play.

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Therefore the idea of creating dossiers for each of the major nations (and working on the others over time) sounded like a great idea to us as well. We first published these Know Your Enemy dossiers on the website back in 2010, but we felt like we could make it even easier for players to keep this information handy so with the release of Version 3 we decided to compile all the Late War information into one handy mini-rulebook sized package.

Know Your Enemy includes all the National and Divisional Rules, Warrior information and complete Arsenals for the US, Germans, British, Soviets, Finns, French, Hungarians, Poles and Romanians.

Flames of War ist in Deutschland unter anderem bei unserem Partnern Fantasyladen und FantasyIn erhältlich.

Link: Flames of War


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