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Crooked Dice: Time Lift Security

Crooked Dice hat ein 3er-Pack Time Lift Security veröffentlicht.

Crooked Dice - Time Lift Security

The advanced quasi-government project working on bringing items back from the future is a well guarded secret. Nevertheless there are those who would steal its secrets and put them to evil uses. The Time Lift Security personnel know the stakes and are well trained and equipped. They are also sent in to back up Darius, the Man from 2000, when he feels the need to get out and about to investigate all manner of temporal mysteries.

Sculpted by Ian Mountain. 3 miniatures unpainted and supplied with 25mm round bases, unless you specify 30mm display bases in the cart. The Commander comes with an alternate pistol hand.

3 Miniaturen im 28mm Maßstab für 8 GBP.

Link: Crooked Dice


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