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Void Scar Miniatures: Xeraak Triarchy

Void Scar Miniatures zeigen neue Miniaturen für die Xeraak Triarchy.

Voidscar01 Voidscar02 Voidscar03 Voidscar04 Voidscar05 Voidscar06 Voidscar07 Voidscar08

The Xeraak Triarchy have been unleashed!
Endless waves of dropships have unloaded legions of cyborg monstrosities hell-bent on the conquest of your worlds. The Xeraak Triarchy have arrived!

Today sees the very exciting release of From Ashes’ brand new faction – the Xeraak Triarchy. Now available are the following products, accessible via this link.

-Xeraak Triarchy Strike Force

-Centaur Scout Cyborgs

-Hunchback Gun Cyborgs

-Drop Pods

-Harvester Combat Mechs

-Harvester Shield Mechs

-Overlord Gun Walker

-Reaper Combat Walker

-Vector Assault Walker

-Hardlinks: Plasma Blasters

-Hardlinks: Plasma Missile Pods

-Hardlinks: Compound Optics

You’ll also be able to download the complete Acquisition Roster for this enigmatic faction, with rules and background for use in your games. It’s also completely FREE too – available via the From Ashes Rules Downloads page.

Right, I hope you’ll all join me in assimilating some fools.

See you on the frontline!

Void Scar Barn

Don’t forget you can support the development of the From Ashes rules and miniatures range by making a PayPal donation via the button on the From Ashes rules page – it’s very much appreciated!

Quelle: Void Scar Miniatures,  Void Scar Miniatures auf Facebook


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