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Der Widerstand und die UCM erhalten Verstärkung für Dropzone Commander.

Das Carryhawk Dropship kostet 12,00£

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Essentially a wide-bodied, rarer evolution of the stalwart Strikehawk tiltrotor, the Carryhawk adds additional girth and lift capacity by including a pair of huge, tail-mounted ducted fans.

The Carryhawks pair of heavy calibre rotary cannons can spit a relentless hail of depleted uranium-tipped bullets to chew through even armoured vehicles. These can be hot-swapped pre-mission for two deployable Sentinel turrets, much like its cousin the Strikehawk.

The Carryhawk’s main combat role though is the deployment of a forward command bunker. This small, armoured structure is deployed with an onboard detail of resistance veterans and comms staff. Once landed, this bunker can relay rear-echelon commands to the frontlines while the Carryhawk rains fire from above.

Die Badger Buggys kosten 15£

TTCombatDropzoneBadger2 TTCombatDropzoneBadger3 TTCombatDropzoneBadger1

Since the advent of the internal combustion engine, militaries have used car-sized, fast vehicles to nimbly convey surgical strike forces, scout units, command staff, and special ops troops to flashpoints. These often fulfilled many of the roles of the cavalry of old, offering more speed, resilience, and punch than basic infantry.

One of the UCMA’s most common and cheapest armoured vehicles is the Badger. Much like the ancient and famous Humvee, this can carry around five soldiers or specialists in comparative safety while offering supplementary anti-infantry firepower in the form of a twin gatling gun. A rarer variant, the Ferret, replaces this with a target designator unit, essentially turning this small vehicle into a forward observer as well as a light transport.

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