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The Ion Age: Neuheiten – Taranis Tanks

Alternative Armies haben neue Miniaturen für ihre 15mm Science-Fiction Range The Ion Age veröffentlicht.

Ionage Taranis 01

Ion Age BIG 15mm news Taranis Tanks with free Drones new images and Callsign Taranis back

A lot crammed into this update for the 15mm Ion Age Range as we announce that all three Patrol Angis books are now in stock (Callsign Taranis is back!) and that all 28 variants of the 15mm super heavy Taranis Tanks have new molds and all new images. On top of this every Taranis Tank now comes with a free pack of five drones! Here is the detail of all our 15mm Ion Age news for June 2024.

The expansion to the core Patrol Angis skirmish rules Callsign Taranis gives you part two of the Prydian Civil War plus rules for all vehicles, skills and equipment, playing bigger games, between games, generating terrain and much more such as army lists. In print and as a digital download too. There is also a three book bundle with The Khanate Return too.

Ionage Taranis 02

Get into Patrol Angis with the game pack which gives you the book as well as more than thirty miniatures, three battlesuits, a portable weapon and crew plus a unique Knight Errant and bases. All with a saving. From this start you can expand in any direction..including heavier armour…

Ionage Taranis 03 Ionage Taranis 06 Ionage Taranis 05 Ionage Taranis 04

Taranis Tanks and Drones were designed by Bob Naismith

We have twenty eight variants of the super heavy main battle tanks of the Taranis series. Various load outs and four propulsion methods of tracked, wheeled, lifter (hover) and replusar (anti-grav). Command, Siege, Armoured Transport and more. Each model is an easy to assemble kit of pieces and about 90mm by 55mm when built. All new pictures such as the examples here and now every tank comes with a free pack of five drones. Running drones for the tracked and wheeled Taranis. Repulsar drones for the hover and repulsar Taranis. Extra value! These drones feature in the game rules.

Ionage Taranis 07

As you can see Taranis Tanks are the lord of the battlefield packing firepower and protection which can even destroy Magog Mecha! A Planetary Militia (IAFP07) officer along with a Hazelwurm Patrol Car and Colabreta Patrol Carrier.

Ionage Taranis 08 Ionage Taranis 09


Taranis Drones which run on legs or float on anti-gravity are an essential screen for the mighty tanks. Every Taranis tank now comes with a free pack of five drones and now they themselves IAF081 Taranis Runner Drones and IAF082 Taranis Repulsar Drones can be had as packs, singles and value bundles of ten with a saving. Cool!

Ionage Taranis 10 Ionage Taranis 11

Also if you use this code during checkout (enter it into the voucher, discount box) “ 15once ” your total will reduced automatically by 15% before shipping is calculated. One use per customer (until 8th July) and applies to everything in the cart no matter what it is from the website. Will not combine with any other promotion code.

We like to give our customers a treat so there is always something free in every package shipped out by us here in Scotland. Until July 8th it is part one of our Devilish Imps; four any scale miniatures. Read about this in the ARTICLE. No catch..totally free in orders.

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