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Steamforged Games: Epic Encounters Drow & Drider RPG

Steamforged Games präsentieren zwei neue 5e-kompatible Epic Encounters für Rollenspiele.

Steamforged Epicenc 1

Epic Drow & Drider Roleplaying Encounters Out Now

Out now! Prepare for Palace of the Drow Queen and Lair of the Drider to swarm into your roleplaying campaigns, the two latest Epic Encounters sets.

Inside these 5e-compatible boxes are everything a Game Master needs to run epic tabletop roleplaying encounters that test their player’s skill and resilience. Think your players have what it takes to survive these deadly adventures?

Then let’s get ourselves acquainted with the new sets.

Palace of the Drow Queen – €54,99

Steamforged Epicenc 2 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 02 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 03 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 05 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 06 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 07 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 08 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 09 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 10 Steamforged Epicenc Drow 11


Wreaking devastation wherever they tread, the Drow are driven by a seething hatred for the surface world and will stop at nothing to fulfil their queen’s desires. Can you outlast their deadly attacks?

The Palace of the Drow Queen set comes with 18 finely detailed miniatures, one double-sided illustrated battle map, one adventure book and all the tokens you’ll need to play. 

The lead writer, Richard August, had some pro tips on how best to run this encounter: 

Drow are an iconic feature of fantasy roleplaying games, but we wanted to make sure we gave them a proper Epic Encounter twist. So that’s what you’ll get here — an encounter sure to challenge any and all parties, along with a new and (we hope) interesting take on these classic villains. Lean into the darkness and deadliness of the Drow when running the encounter; give your players something to have nightmares about!”

You’ll find more tips and tricks in the set, which you can get your hands on here.

What’s in the box?

  • 18 Finely-detailed miniatures
  • 1 Double-sided illustrated battle map
  • 1 Adventure book
  • All the tokens you need to play

Lair of the Drider – €49,99

Steamforged Epicenc 3 Steamforged Epicenc Drider 2 Steamforged Epicenc Drider 3 Steamforged Epicenc Drider 4 Steamforged Epicenc Drider 5

Concealed between worlds, the twisted and evil Drider hides in the shadows, preying upon the unwary. Knowing a deadly monster with an insatiable appetite for adventurers lurks nearby, do you have the nerve to enter its lair?

The Lair of the Drider box includes an intimidating 100mm Drider Miniature, one double-sided illustrated battle map, one adventure book, and all the tokens you’ll need to run this encounter. 

Richard’s got the following advice for any GM’s looking to pit their players against the Drider:

Driders are meant to be horrifying and tragic; they’re victims of the most grotesque mutations, and what’s left is a twisted memory of the creature that used to be. This makes them really fascinating, and unsettling creatures to fight. After all, characters regularly do what Driders did to earn their fate; they annoy gods, they pick fights with sorcerers, and they defeat carefully laid evil plans. A Drider is the sort of fate a character should always be wary of — it adds great flavour to an encounter!

Get your copy of the Lair of the Drider here

What’s in the box?

  • Intimidating 100mm Drider miniature
  • 1 Double-sided illustrated battle map
  • 1 Adventure book
  • All the tokens you need to play

If your players are the sort that craves danger, combine both boxes to create an epic mini campaign that ends in a cinematic boss fight.

Want to hang out with other like-minded folk while you wait for your sets to arrive? Then head to our Discord where there are dedicated roleplaying and hobby channels, or join the SFG RPG Facebook community.

Quelle: Steamforged Games


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