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Shatterpoint: Jedi Master Plo Koon & Padawan Ahsoka Tano Vorschau

Atomic Mass Games haben eine neue Vorschau für Star Wars Shatterpoint veröffentlicht. Diesmal folgen Jedi Master Plo Koon & Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Letztere gab es bereits als Vorbestellerbonus, somit für viele bekannt.


Jedi Master Plo Koon & Padawan Ahsoka Tano Preview

In this preview we’re taking a look at the wise and influential Jedi Master Plo Koon and a young Padawan Ahsoka Tano, whom he was responsible for discovering for the Jedi Order.

Plo Koon served on the ill-fated last Jedi High Council before its tragic fall to Order 66 in the final years of the Galactic Republic. He was counted among its most thoughtful and respected members, proving himself an able general in dozens of battles. Master Plo Koon was noted for his protectiveness of the clone troopers under his command, and he was witness to considerable tragedy during the Clone Wars, including the death of many of his Jedi peers during the Battles of Geonosis. Throughout his time with them, Plo Koon served the Order well, with one of his noteworthy accomplishments being bringing in a number of Force-sensitive youths as recruits. This included the discovery and recovery of a promising Togruta, Ahsoka Tano. While she was never his padawan, apprenticed instead to Anakin Skywalker, a strong bond was forged between the two. Plo Koon and Ahsoka had occasion to fight together on multiple occasions, including a mission to rescue Master Mace Windu and Anakin after a botched assassination attempt on them by bounty hunters.

Plo Koon is strong in the Force, showing undeniable mastery over the powers unique to the Jedi. With Lightsaber™ in hand, he can use the Reactive Ability Deflect to punish those who fire on him, sending blaster bolts back to strike their source if the shots are less than flawless. He is also capable of a potent Force Push, driving back a nearby foe, sending them off obstacles or into the path of his advancing allies.


02072024 SWP11 Transmission Image 1

As both a Jedi Master and general, Plo Koon has a deserved reputation for being a generous mentor and empathic leader. He watches over and protects those in his charge. By his I Know if We Work Together, We Will Stay Alive Tactics Ability, he can direct one of his allied units to Dash into position, and if they are a Trooper or Padawan, he can keep pace with his subordinates by Dashing as well. He is always willing to place himself in harm’s way to protect those he leads and does not hesitate to avenge them. Announcing to his foes We Can Do This the Simple Way or the Difficult Way, he may intervene for a nearby Galactic Republic ally, becoming Exposed but allowing his ally the considerable benefit of his own Defense Expertise Chart instead of their own. If this ally is also a Padawan or Trooper, he can then Dash toward the attacking foe to facilitate neutralizing the threat they represent.


02072024 SWP11 Transmission Image 2

A skilled duelist in his own right, Plo Koon is adept at shifting between either defensive or more aggressive Lightsaber™ forms as the need requires. His general preference is measured defense as he assesses an adversary, represented by his Form III Soresu Stance. A form created in part to aid against increasingly prevalent blaster fire, but also good at fending off melee blows, Soresu offers strong Ranged and Melee Defense stats as well as an excellent Tenacious Defense Expertise Chart, which can often downgrade criticals. The Combat Tree of this Stance is similarly defensive, offering modest damage and several chances for Heals as well as up to two Shoves, a Jump to reposition midway through the tree, and options to inflict Pinned or Disarmed.

Skilled as Plo Koon has proven to be using Soresu, he is just as impressive when relying on Form V Djem So, the ferocity of which might take his adversaries by surprise. Offering stronger melee offense stats and higher potential damage output, this Stance gives up a small measure of defense. Nonetheless, Djem So still incorporates effective parries and blocks and utilizes the Force in a way that balances attack and defense, allowing practitioners to deflect and then counterattack or reposition. Its Defense Expertise Chart is solid, exchanging Soresu’s critical negation for Healing potential and the possibility of Jumping. Similarly, its Combat Tree still includes Heals as well as early options to Pin or Shove the foe or to Jump. Higher up the Tree it allows engaging an Active Ability (such as Force Push) and at possibly a Reposition. When employed by a master like Plo Koon, this Stance is extremely fluid and versatile.

Alongside the Jedi Master we present Ahsoka Tano in her years as a padawan. She retained a strong bond with Plo Koon even after being assigned to follow the teachings of Anakin Skywalker. They fought well together and throughout her life, Ahsoka looked on him fondly as a mentor.


02072024 SWP11 Transmission Image 3

Although Padawan Ahsoka is young, she’s a fearsome and resilient Jedi in training, demonstrating She is Fearless in every engagement and showing no hesitation to engage. This Active Ability allows her to Jump and can be activated twice, giving her considerable maneuverability. Her Tactics Ability Race Ya can provoke the competitive spirit of an ally to Dash forward at her side. Wielding a Lightsaber™ in each hand, she can also Deflect incoming ranged attacks, potentially damaging those trying to shoot her, being uncommonly skilled at this ability for a padawan. Ahsoka’s enthusiasm for battle occasionally prompted her master to warn her about Getting Ahead of Yourself Again, Snips. When a nearby ally engages in a combat action, this Reactive Ability allows Ahsoka to Jump to engage and perform a potent bonus 5 dice melee attack against the target, potentially finishing off the foe.


02072024 SWP11 Transmission Image 4


Padawan Ahsoka’s Jar’Kai Stance represents her unusual fighting style, wielding a pair of Lightsabers™, a difficult technique to master but one that offers substantial benefits to someone as nimble and adroit as Ahsoka. This Stance is strong offensively with high Melee Attack stats and a solid Melee Expertise Table that gives good odds of scoring Criticals. For a Padawan this Stance offers a robust Combat Tree that does not sacrifice damage output while still allowing her the options of Healing, Shoving (up to three times), early access to Jump or Reposition and the choice of inflicting either Exposed or Strained. The multiple ways Ahsoka can gain additional movement during combat, including a Jump on her Melee Defense Table, demonstrates just how acrobatic of a fighter she proved to be even early along in her path to Force mastery.

Both of these characters are uniquely fun and potent additions to the Galactic Republic and can be especially rewarding when played together.


Quelle: AMG Transmissions


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