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Spellcrow: Neue Previews

Spellcrow zeigen auf Facebook einige neue Previews.

Spellcrow Argatoria Prev01

Yesterday, Marek showed us some new minis that he sculpted for Argatoria. We plan to make many Legendary Heroes, but there are some among them who will be… mythical. These are the heroes that even the legendary fear. The model you can see today from the back is one of such extraordinary heroes 💎
Tomorrow (16th of May) this hero will show you his face. Today we can only ask ourselves… who is he? Where does he come from? And what race is he? Are any of you brave enough to challenge him and guess what race he is? 🤔
We’ll just tell you that you may be surprised.
One of the people who gives the answer, even the wrong one, will receive any selected unit for Argatoria Wargame. 😁 The winner will be drawn tomorrow (16th of May) when the hero will be shown from the front.

Spellcrow Argatoria Prev02

Here he is. A mythical warrior who knows no fear. The ever-living terror of the tribes. The champion slayer called Gnat. He has chosen one of you to receive any chosen unit from the world of Argatoria.
The winner is Michael Minzi Münchsmeier 🎁 Congratulations! Please contact us via Facebook or email: spellcrow@umbraturris.com.
We hope you like Gnat and that you will want to add him to your army ☠
P.S.: It looks like some scammer took advantage of our little contest. Nowadays you have to be extra careful. Remember that we never send any links and we do not require any identity confirmation.

Spellcrow UnrulyMob Prev

We have completed preparations for casting three 28 mm scale models from the Unruly Mob series, sculpted by Mariano. We hope you like this set. 😃
We will slowly introduce 3-figure sets for the 4th Edition of Umbra Turris Skirmish Game. They will be available before the premiere.
Next week, we will show you a set of three Orc Corsairs ☠

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