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OnePageRules: März Vorschau und Roadmap

OnePageRules zeigen die Vorschau für März zu neuen Modellen und die kommende Roadmap.


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March Preview + Roadmap

In March, we have the fifth release of the Vampiric Undead, with plenty of terrifying and powerful mounted units and vehicles. We also have the first release for the High Elf Fleets, featuring some of their mainstay troops and the super fast APC.

Be sure to join our Patreon to get our March Rewards!

March New Release

In March, the Vampiric Undead go to war in style. The Vampire Lord and Lady will have a choice to fly into battle on a fast Winged Steed or a powerful and durable Winged Terror. To support them the Drained Archers can flood the field with arrows while the Vampire Knights form the vanguard to charge into the enemy lines. Finally the Funeral Coach is the luxury transport for the Vampire Lord, instilling terror as it races across the battlefield.

March is also the debut of the High Elf Fleets! The Commander leads their forces with brilliant battle tactics while the Elite Protector and the Protectors serve as the mainline ranged infantry for the army. Few marksmen are as feared on the battlefield as the Snipers who are able to eliminate key targets with ease, and their APC is one of the most fast and nimble transports available.

Also in March, the Change Daemons Epic Soul Daemon not only decimates their foes with powerful ranged and melee attacks, but can turn their enemies‘ defenses against them with their weapons‘ Warp ability!

In March, we’re also releasing the The Forest Area Terrain. It is designed with resin printing in mind, and features modular pieces can be combined to create a large variety of woodland layouts.

For our 2D releases, you’ll see Human Empire – Set #1 as well as Blessed Sisters – Set #4 and both of those faction’s terrain sets. The 2D models are a great way to prepare armies for games quickly!

You’ll also get 2 Short Stories with Missions, 8 Game Missions, and access to the beta for Age of Fantasy: Quest!

3D Print Rewards (1 legend + 69 models + 88 bases + 18 game aids + 6 Terrain):

Legendary – Change Daemons Epic Soul Daemon

Vampiric Undead – Lord on Winged Steed x2

Vampiric Undead – Lord on Winged Terror x2

Vampiric Undead – Archers x8

Vampiric Undead – Vampire Knights x13

Vampiric Undead – Funeral Coach

Vampiric Undead – Themed Bases x44

Vampiric Undead – Game Aids x9

High Elf Fleets – Commander x3

High Elf Fleets – Elite Protector x3

High Elf Fleets – Protectors x23

High Elf Fleets – Snipers x15

High Elf Fleets – APC x2

High Elf Fleets – Themed Bases x44

High Elf Fleets – Game Aids x9

Forest Area Terrain x6

GF: Warfleets – Empire Fleet x4

2D Print Rewards:

Human Empire – Set #1

Blessed Sisters – Set #4

Human Empire Terrain

Blessed Sisters Terrain

Games Rewards:

8 Game Missions

AoF: Quest (beta)

Lore Rewards:

2 New Short Stories + Missions!

The above is only the new stuff that’s being added next month, so you’re also getting a ton of other welcome pack minis, a 50% discount code for our MyMiniFactory store, games, and much more!

Project Roadmap

In April the Vampiric Undead terrorize their foes with the Champion on Abyssal Beast. The Horror doesn’t stop there as the Bat Horrors and Bat Dragon descend in support. The Skeleton Watch hold down the ramparts with sturdy armor and long range crossbows that drive through enemy defenses. Charging out the gates is the Deathly Chariot, causing enemies to flee in fear when it’s skeleton crew sets their eyes on them.

Also in April the High Elf Fleets send out their psychics with the High Oracle and the Acolytes, guiding their units and raining down devastation with their supernatural abilities. The Elven Noble is a master of the elven war arts with an arsenal of options to apply their trade. The Strikers bring the fight to the enemy, deploying ahead to swiftly engage what’s left of the enemy after the Support Artillery is done with their barrage.

Lastly in April is the Plague Daemons Epic Soul Daemon whose vile cannon and sword melts their adversaries with a toxic drip. It’s dense body of overlapping caps and scales is extra difficult to hack down.

Oh and in June we’re releasing the Shadow Stalkers.

Ss Preview

Here is the roadmap for the next few months:

April – Vampiric Undead & High Elf Fleets + New Loyalty Rewards
May – Vampiric Undead & High Elf Fleets
June – Shadow Stalkers & High Elf Fleets + New Welcome Pack

That’s it for now, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team

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