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OnePageRules: Juni News und Vorschau #3

OnePageRules zeigen Neuigkeiten und Vorschau zu neuen Modellen.

News And Previews Banner(2) Lust Demon 2 Lust Demon 3 Lust Demon 1 Butchers 1 Walker 2 Walker 1 Forest Scatter Render Ads 1 Forest Scatter Render 6 Forest Scatter Render 7 Forest Scatter Render 8 Forest Scatter Render 1 Forest Scatter Render 2 Forest Scatter Render 3 Forest Scatter Render 4

June News & Previews #3

Community Videos

Our friends at Haunts Wargaming have been getting in some small scale battles with Grimdark Future Firefight, here’s one such encounter with Dwarf Guilds and the High Elf Fleets.

Painting Contest

There’s one week left to enter the June Painting Contest!

Contest Categories: The contest is split up into categories, each with its own submission criteria, and each contestant may pick only one category:

  • Legendary – Paint this month’s legendary model
  • Solo – Paint one single model from this month’s release
  • Unit – Paint a unit of 5 small or 3 large models from this month’s release.

Rules: To participate, pick one category and share a high-resolution picture in square format via the Dropbox link below (leave a margin on the sides for re-sizing). Only one picture may be submitted, and you must use your Patreon username as the file name, or the submission will be discarded!

Deadline: June 25th

Not Allowed: Welcome Pack Minis, Loyalty Rewards, Terrain, Game Aids.


New Characters for Quest

Those with a keen eye may have spotted some Age of Fantasy: Quest previews on our Instagram where we revealed a couple of upcoming hero models, make sure to check them out and follow us for more One Page Rules awesomeness.

Coming up this week will be a huge announcement for Age of Fantasy: Quest so make sure you’re watching out for that. In the meantime I want to introduce a few new characters you’ll be seeing really soon, the Beastman Wizard and Human Ranger

Aofq Beastmen Wizard Render Ads 1 Aofq Human Ranger Render Ads 1

Short Stories

Short Stories

Dive into the worlds of Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy with two short stories, available now on our website! These stories give you a taste of life and conflict in our settings. All of our stories are available in our new Short Stories section of the website, and we will add new stories every month!

Read This Month’s Stories:

Get Early Access & New Themed Missions on Patreon

Want even more? Patrons get access to our stories one month early! Not only that, we also have new playable missions for our games for each story, including the two above that you can play right now! These missions are themed around each of the stories and are a great way to bring the lore to your tabletop.

New Previews

At the top of post, you’ll see some early previews of the what we are working on for July.

In July even more Shadow Stalkers find themselves lost in Tyria. The Butchers are much larger citizens of the Labyrinth with an extra set of limbs, giving them the ability to hold larger and more deadly weapons.

For the High Elf Fleets in July, The Combat Walker is a scalpel in the war fleet. Able to be equipped with a large selection of heavy weapons, it can fill any role a general needs it to while also being tough to take down.

Also in July is the Epic Soul Daemon for the Daemons of Lust. With so many gems and fine fabrics this serpentine daemon is a beautiful but dangerous vision to behold, unfortunately for the enemy there’s no time to stare as it attacks with its large cleaving spear and massive cannon.

The Forest Scatter Terrain is a tool kit designed to add even more character to our terrain sets or to add to your own custom works and bases. With a selection of Trees, Rocks, Bushes, Mushrooms and even Animals, you can add that missing touch to your forest theme.

Please remember that these are early WIP shots of the models and not the final versions of the models.

That’s it for now, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team


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