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OnePageRules: April News und Vorschau #2

OnePageRules zeigen Neuigkeiten und Vorschau zu neuen Modellen.

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April News & Previews #2

GDWG Cover Post Web

For ten years, the universe of Grimdark Future has only been glimpsed through a couple of narrative campaigns, short army book introductions, illustrations and design cues on models. Things have already begun to change this year, however, with the rolling out of the new Secrets of Tixal narrative campaign and short stories.

The Grimdark Future World Book is the next big step in unveiling the lore for our game!

So what is the Grimdark Future World Book?

This 64-page book has been a long time project which has grown and developed alongside the setting and its lore. A primer on the wider Grimdark Future setting, it will connect the lore shown so far through narrative campaigns, short stories and army book intros and build a foundation for future stories and campaigns.


  • Humanity’s origins and history in the Grimdark Future
  • The history, ongoing conflicts, key locations and factions of the Sirius Sector
  • Information on societies in the setting, touching on everything from space travel to policing.
  • Galactic geography, introducing the wider galaxy and the planets contained within.
  • Beautiful artwork on almost every page, including some factions never before depicted by OPR
  • New short stories and flash fiction throughout the book, depicting life on and off the battlefield in Sirius.
  • Free Preview of the Grimdark Future World Book

We’ve made the first section of the Grimdark Future World Book, the first 13 pages, completely free! Learn about the history of the Grimdark Future universe, from the Human Civil War to their arrival in the Sirius Sector, and more!

Click Here to download the Free Preview, Today!


Short Stories Web Apr

Dive into the worlds of Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy with two short stories, available now on our website! These stories give you a taste of life and conflict in our settings. All of our stories are available in our new Short Stories section of the website, and we will add new stories every month!

Read This Month’s Stories:

Grimdark Future – Faith in the Hive by Dillon Olney

Age of Fantasy – A Daemon’s Bond by Pierre Mortel


Get Early Access & New Themed Missions on Patreon

Want even more? Patrons get access to our stories one month early! Not only that, we also have new playable missions for our games for each story, including the two above that you can play right now! These missions are themed around each of the stories and are a great way to bring the lore to your tabletop.

Get Early Access Short Stories + Missions on the Teir 1 Rewards Post


Writing Jam Banner

This week we’ll be running our 10th writing jam, so don’t forget to sign up!

The OPR Writing Jams are story writing marathons, where participants are asked to write a one-page story set in the OPR universe in 48hrs, following a common theme. Participation is completely free and at the end of the writing jam we will highlight your favourite stories on our website.

The writing jam is planned to run from April 12th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time, to April 14th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time., with the theme being announced at the start of the jam.

Sign up now: https://itch.io/jam/oprwj10

Check the website for more details and rules: https://www.onepagerules.com/news/sign-up-for-opr-writing-jam-10



New Previews

At the top of post, you’ll see some early previews of the what we are working on for April!

The Vampiric Undead let loose the dogs of war with the Werewolf Champion and Werewolves unit. Their massive Claws rend through armor like butter. But when that’s not enough, they can also be equipped with great weapons to cleave through the enemy ranks.

The High Elf Fleets turn up the heat with the Scorchers and Noble Scorcher. Adept in all things burning, the scorchers excel at being Anti-tank with their armor melting Fusion Rifles. When equipped with Heavy Flamers, they roast off hordes of enemies instead.

Please remember that these are early WIP shots of the models and not the final versions of the models.

That’s it for this week, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team


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